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    Govindh Raju
    Showing Virtual table addin report in Dashboard
    Topic posted November 1, 2016 by Govindh RajuRegular 
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    Showing Virtual table addin report in Dashboard


    I am able to show data in the report using Virtual Table add-in. But if I add the same report in a dashboard it is showing No Value as data in the dashboard.

    Please suggest me a way to rectify this issue.





    • Jack Whitehouse

      I can reproduce this behavior. The IList<IReportRow2> GetRows(IList<string> columns, IReportFilterNode filterNode) function on the table interface is called and returns data, but the dashboard shows 'No Value' in every cell. The same report as a standalone entity is fine.

      However this only effects the report in design mode. Once it's saved it displays as expected.

    • Dietrik

      There is a report setting to show either "No value" or empty for empty field values. "No value" is the default setting.

      The second post sound like a different issue. Pleas create your own post for your issues.