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    Activity assignment Sound Notification
    Idea posted December 6, 2017 by Mohana Gopal SelvamPro, last edited December 6, 2017, tagged Field Service 
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    Activity assignment Sound Notification
    User Story / Description:

    We have Sound notification during the Colloboration (Chat and Help Desk). We need the same functionality when new activity is assigned to the agent through routing or manually created by Dispatcher in their mobility URL. Otherwise they have to look the mobile each time for any activity changes / created. 





    • Mike Wierzbowski


      Thanks for sharing your idea with the Idea Lab.

      Have you looked at the Notification Panel in Mobility? This functionality provides field resources with a quick reference to changes that occurred in their route.

      One challenge with sound is that the field resource needs to be present when the sound happens and in some cases they do not always have their device or it could be muted.  Another item with sound is that it can take field resources away from them focusing on the task at hand since they are likely to see what the "sound" was about.  Please feel free to provide your comments on those items. 


      Oracle Field Service Cloud Product Management Team

    • Mohana Gopal Selvam

      Hi Mike,

      Thanks for your reply. Whatever challenges you have highlighted it will applicable for Colloboration as well. 

      Customers expect the same colloboration sound functionality for Activity assignment as well.