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    Spell check on the KA Authoring
    Idea posted March 13, 2018 by Chris van EsExpert, tagged Knowledge Advanced 
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    Spell check on the KA Authoring
    User Story / Description:

    We like to see the spell check available on the KA Authoring.



    • Paul Mes

      Hi Chris,

      I have had some discussions with support about this in the past, and probably we need to add "for all available locales" to your idea. I can confirm this functionality is currently working on a nl_NL locale. I see I have filed a SR about 2 years ago for an issue that en_GB spell check was not working for a multilingual environment. nl_NL was working correctly, and if I remember correctly en_US was as well. Unfortunately I do not have access to that environment anymore.

      A workaround could be to use the BUI and a browser with a spell check plugin. 

      Kind regards,


    • Chris van Es

      Hi Poul,

      Thanks for the information. Unfortunately we have en_GB and other locale's. Hopefully the come with a solution for the other locale as well. 

    • Jean-Pierre Aerts
      We have added Search spell-check dictionaries for Bulgarian, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Estonian, Finnish, Greek, Hungarian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Norwegian, Polish, Romanian, Serbian, Slovenian, Swedish, Turkish, extending our support for spell-check to a total of 25 languages.
    • Chris van Es


      Thanks Jean-Pierre.