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    Eric Simonsen
    Cancel or Delay a Queued Survey
    Topic posted April 26, 2018 by Eric SimonsenWhiz 
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    Cancel or Delay a Queued Survey

    We have a requirement from our email team to send a survey when an Incident is marked solved. Because we never really know if someone is going to reply back to an Incident response, we mark all of our Incidents as Solved when the response is sent. 

    Our team wants us to set up a survey to be sent 5 days after the Incident is solved. This allows us to wait a few days after it is solved to ensure that the customer isn't going to message us back. 

    I can set up a rule to delay sending the survey for 5 days, however if the Incident were to be reopened from an email response back from the customer, we would want to stop the survey from being sent out. 

    Is there a way to create a rule or other action to stop sending the survey if the status changes to Unresolved? 

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    • Suresh Thirukoti

      In the delay rule (typically escalation action rule) click on revalidate in the THEN clause which re-verifies the IF clause conditions so if the status <> Solved then it wont fire