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    Apply new OS to cp_visitor_stats table
    Idea posted February 10, 2017 by Naruyosi OotaRookie, last edited February 23, 2017 by eleepHero, tagged Customer Portal, Reporting 
    Apply new OS to cp_visitor_stats table
    User Story / Description:

    When new OS (e.g. Windows10 or MacOS10.11) released, it takes long time to apply to cp_visitor_stats table.


    In our company, we use analytics report of “Visits by operating system” and “Visits by browser and operating system” very frequently to understand end user behavior.


    However, when new OS come up with market, currently it takes 6 ? 12 months to apply it to report table in Oracle Service Cloud. We request to apply new OS to cp_visitor_stats table immediately without upgrading ? please include this change into SP.