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    Shreyas Pandhari
    Can I edit multiple tasks under one incident
    Topic posted January 30, 2017 by Shreyas PandhariSpecialist, last edited February 1, 2017 by Danette BealElite 
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    Can I edit multiple tasks under one incident

    Hi Folks,

    I need to select multiple tasks under incident and approve those tasks in a one go. This is to avoid navigating to individual task and approve it one by one. I know it can be possible using Add-In approach but looking for a non-Add-In approach.




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    • Edson Junior


      Try to use standard report. There is a standard report, which it calls (Task by Incident) and follow the steps provided in our documentation.

      you can filter by incident and no add-in is required. I am not sure if it is what you are looking for.


      Edit multiple records

      You can edit multiple records at once from the Oracle Service Cloud application.


      1. Double-click a report to display a list of records.

        You can specify unique criteria to search for all records you want to update. Refer to Search for a record from a report.


      2. Press Ctrl while selecting each record you want to edit.

      3. Click the Open button on the ribbon. The fields that you can edit for the type of record you are working with display on the content pane.

      4. Edit the records. Depending on the type of field, you can accomplish this in one of several ways.

        The drop-down menus for all fields default to No Change. To remove the prior field entries for multiple records, select the check box next to the field you want to change.

        • To change a field associated with a drop-down menu, click the drop-down menu and select an option.
          Tip: A shortcut is available for re-assigning multiple answers, contacts, incidents, opportunities, organizations, or tasks. Select the records from a report, click the Assignbutton on the ribbon, and select a staff member or group from the Assign window. Refer to Assign a record from a report.
        • To change a date field, click the drop-down menu associated with the field to open the current month’s calendar and select a date. If necessary, use the arrows at the top to change the month before clicking a day.
        • To change a search field, click the Search button (the magnifying glass to the right of the field), enter the search criteria in the window that opens, click the Search button, and select an option from the list of displayed results.
        • To change a text field (such as the Response field on the Messages tab of the incident workspace), type the new entry for the field.

        Note: If a field is required when editing a record, it is also required for editing multiple records of the same type. It is possible, however, to select a value of “No Value” as a valid entry on the multi-edit workspace. The next time you edit one of the records separately, you are required to select a value for the field.


      5. Click the Save and Close button to save your changes.

    • Shreyas Pandhari


      Agree and aware about this feature. However, when this report is referred on Tasks tab under Incident work area in Incident workspace multi-select feature of report is not available. I can only select one record even with ctrl button. This can be observed with standard workspace as well as cloned customized workspace. Is there any setting needs to be done to have multi-select in Tasks tab report? In short, multi-select works on standalone report in Report Explorer but when same report is referred in Tasks tab on Incident workspace, multi-select doesn't work. If you/anyone could please throw some light on this behavior.



    • Edson Junior

      Hi Shreyas,

      I tested something like you described. Basically,

      I’ve copied the “Task by Incident” (Id 9018) report, since you can’t change the standard report as may know.

      Second, I’ve changed the report option from operational data to report database.

      Then, I added a new tab in my workspace and the multi-edit is working as you can see the demo link bellow.

      To be honest, I haven’t tested so hard. I was trying to test the concept for my knowledge as well. I would encourage to test more and if you face any issue, try to submit a SR through our support.

      Hope this helps.

      Thank you, Edson

    • Shreyas Pandhari

      The report I copied from the standard Tasks By Incident report is already referencing to the report database. But it is certainly a valuable suggestion. The catch here is, we don't have Add button for creating or adding existing task. Suggestions are always welcome. :)

      Thanks Edson for all your responses.

    • Edson Junior

      The bottom “New” is appearing in the standard Task tab because it is based in an object not on report control. One idea just come up in my mind is you can setup a workspace rule to focus and show a new tab / object based in the custom report as we talked early in this conversation.

      However, it is a project decision based in same criterial such as navigation flow, usability and/or performance. Up to you, just an idea.

      Perhaps, another member can come up with other ideas to help you.

      Thank you, Edson.

    • Shreyas Pandhari

      Agree, just before your response I went ahead with workspace rule. Let's see if this is acceptable otherwise I'll think of another approach. Thanks again!