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    The "available" icon in chat is too small
    Idea posted February 8, 2017 by Sean ToriJourneyer, tagged Agent Browser UI, Agent Desktop, Chat 
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    The "available" icon in chat is too small
    User Story / Description:

    Our people complain that they can't tell if they're available or not. The icon is entirely too small. We need to make it much larger and easier to read / change.




    • Kristi A. Karels

      I agree - I have agents who come to me asking how to tell if they are "on" - and I say - "Are you blue or red in the upper right?" and they have no idea...  Maybe if there was more contrast between the "on" agent (currently blue) and the background - it would also help?

      BRIGHT clothes could be the "Available" (yellow or something brighter) in addition to being larger.