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    Kurt Helfrich
    Sort SLAs in alphabetical order?
    Topic posted November 11, 2013 by Kurt HelfrichMaster 
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    Sort SLAs in alphabetical order?

    We have over 2000 SLAs defined in our system.  As new ones are added, they just add to the end of the list.  As a consequence, we have a lot of them out of alphabetical order.  Since they are mostly catalog number strings that look pretty similar, it is infuriating to locate one that's out of order, and even causes us to create duplicates at time.  There's no check for duplicate names.

    I can't find a way to resort them in alpha order in the SLA component, and with this large number, dragging them into order is way too hard.  Dragging and dropping them doesn't seem to work anyway.

    Has anyone else with lots of SLAs figure out how to fix this?