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    Remove secondary scroll bar in Answer Edit workspace +...
    Idea posted March 13, 2018 by Anthony SmithApprentice, tagged Knowledge Foundation 
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    Remove secondary scroll bar in Answer Edit workspace + add source colour coding
    User Story / Description:

    With 18A changes to the Answer Edit workspace there were two changes which negatively impacted our ability to edit anwers:

    • Source is no longer colour coded
    • There is a secondary vertical scroll bar which means editors have to scroll twice each time they want to move up or down (see screenshots below of 2 actions required to scroll down).
      1. Step 1: the answer content (this applies to both regular edit and source edit views) is at the top
      2. Scrolling down using the "inner" scrollbar, the bottom part of the content is still not visible
      3. Now scrolling down using the "outer" scroll bar to see the bottom of the content.
      4. Now you need to repeat both steps to scroll back up again.

    It would be great if either (or both?) of these issues were addressed.




    • Anthony Smith

      Looks like the new toolbar at the top also scrolls out of view when you use the right-most scrollbar. Although in this answer for some reason I only have 1 scrollbar - which unfortunately removes the toolbar. So to change the text I need to scroll down, select the text, scroll up, select the text option, and then scroll back down.

    • Anthony Smith

      Another issue found with the new WYSIWYG:

      When using "Paste as Text" box, all new lines are sitting inside <div> tags (or this is happening in our case so far).

      This means that when trying to add things like bulletpoints (while scrolling up and down multiple times because the toolbar is hidden most of the time since the page is longer than 20 lines of text) some features don't work as expected e.g. indentation to the right works, but to the left doesnt.

      I'm not sure whether this now at a point where it needs to be escalated as another SR. These small changes, as insignificant as they may seem, add up, and are definitely impacting content editor's performance.