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    Workspaces > Next and Previous buttons
    Idea posted January 5, 2018 by Azam KhanSpecialist, tagged Agent Desktop, Incident Management 
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    Workspaces > Next and Previous buttons
    User Story / Description:

    Current Situation

    Let suppose an Agent has 10 incidents in his Inbox on which has to work on. Agent has to open an incident for information or edit purpose. Once he has done with it then in order to open new one has to do following:

    • Close the current one as he has done with it the required action
    • Go back to report
    • Double click to next incident to open


    Agent is doing multiple clicks and have to bears multiple workspace opening/loading ( 10 in this case). This is annoying, time consuming and requires more effort and time.


    There should be OOTB Previous and Next buttons on the workspace or at least in the ribbon to move among incidents of a particular reports.

    These buttons will save not only multiple clicks but also will increase user experience and he would work with less effort in less time.



    • Pavol Procka

      We are using the Fill Inbox to a similar functionality (agents are assigned the next incident based on their profile, incident priority and a few more things.

    • Azam Khan

      then you must be having Inbox limit as 1 i suppose.

    • Pavol Procka

      Well, to fit your requirement, I suppose you do need 1.

      It is however configurable by profile, so if you wish to have a group of employees who lose the most time doing the extra clicks (I assume these would be agents), you might use 1 on theirs and more on other profiles. This way you will also prevent cherry-picking :)

    • Azam Khan

      I really think Inbox limit should be greater than 1. Agents should know they have some pending work to do. 

      Now let suppose, incidents are being assigned directly to Agents then what work around do we have?

    • Jens

      Hi Azam,

      This looks very similar to the Idea. What do you think, does that Idea cover your use case?

      Thank you.

      Jens Lundell
      Oracle Service Cloud

    • Azam Khan

      Hi Jens, this looks similar except:

      • No Previous button in that idea. Let suppose our Agent has 10 incidents and all are created by email. Now he will open an incident and read the Subject and email body (incident thread). He might not work on incident # 2, 4 and 6, 7 on priority and he will fix # 1, 3, 5,9, 10 due to criticality. And then he can use Previous button to go back to fix more critical issues first by analyzing the incident nature.
      • That idea is tightly coupled with inbox and resolution while I proposed generic Next & Previous buttons. For example, an Agent Opened any report and applied filters and sorting then based on the sorted results, the Next button would fetch the next incident so sorting can be any available field.
      • No need to saving an incident while clicking on Next button unless he clicked Save & Next. Saving each incident unnecessarily will cause delays. For example, an Agent open an incident and responded to the Customer then no need to Save the incident, just Next would work.

      We can use "Save & Next" button also from that idea but only Next button is also important to have. Also, Next button should be generic and should work on any filtered and sorted report.


    • Brian L.

      It's so similar, it's been sitting for 6 years ::eyeroll::

      Anyway, this is a great idea and would be very useful for agents with high volume inboxes.