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    Molly Ambrogi-Yanson
    Now Live: Oracle Service Cloud May 2017 Release
    Entry posted May 12, 2017 by Molly Ambrogi-YansonRegular, last edited May 17, 2017 by Stephanie KalevaSpecialist, tagged Product / Product Release 
    Now Live: Oracle Service Cloud May 2017 Release

    Release Header

    The new capabilities and enhancements of the May 2017 Release continue to empower Oracle Service Cloud customers to provide next generation customer service.

    Web Customer Service: Enhancements to self-service allow organizations to continue providing highly interactive experiences to their customers. A community home page has been added, featuring new widgets that make this central location robust with information such as an overview of the forums, recent activity, and users.

    Cross Channel Contact Center: To increase contact center efficiencies, the May Release adds Oracle Policy Automation to the the Agent Browser Client, the ability for agents to execute policy interviews. Furthermore, the release includes productivity enhancements to reporting within the Agent Browser Client such as Inline Edit, Cross Tabs reports, and additional report export formats.

    Knowledge Management: Updates to Knowledge Advanced help knowledge managers provide consistent experiences across all channels. A new API allows managers to upload and delete images in bulk and migrate documents from other environments. The CKFinder now supports PDF and docx files to simplify authoring. Knowledge admins can now enable Browsing by Product and Category on the Consumer Portal. Additionally, this release includes a customer requested feature that limits search results to only those preferred languages within a user profile.

    Policy Automation: Updates to Next Generation Interviews allow organizations to develop rich and personalized experiences for their end users through new, upgrade-safe design capabilities, the ability to embed interviews within interviews for seamless advice, and the opportunity to embed interviews into any HTML page, with an option to limit websites for enhanced security. Furthermore, customers can better leverage data, exporting interviews into PDF documents or processing them in bulk using a new batch processed REST API.

    For a more in depth look at the May 2017 Release, please explore the product videos and demos created by our senior product management team.

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