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    'Spell Check complete' message when saving an...
    Idea posted August 13, 2015 by Kieran McDowellExplorer, tagged Agent Desktop, Incident Management, Other, System Admin and Configuration 
    'Spell Check complete' message when saving an incident
    User Story / Description:

    Hi all,

    We have an issue in our May '15 version of RightNow where a 'Spell Check Complete' message appears every time an incident is saved.

    In order to initiate the 'Spell Check box' when there is an incorrectly spelt word in your response, the option to 'Auto-check spelling on save' must be checked from within the Workspace editor. What this does however, is display a 'Spell Check Complete' message every single time an incident is saved, regardless of whether there is a new thread entry or incorrect spelling.

    The main annoyance here is that the agent has to perform an extra 'click' in order to save an incident, which just doesn't seem necessary. I feel that Spell Check should only appear if there is an incorrect spelling, rather than every time an incident is saved.

    Therefore, my suggestion is to provide more options for customizing when a Spell Check is triggered. The only two options we have currently are 'Auto-check spelling on save' and 'Allow cancelling auto-check', neither of which actually provide our desired functionality.

    Has anybody else encountered something similar? I never had this when we were running Nov '13 version of RightNow, only since upgrading to May '15 version.