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    Meet our June 'Hero of the Month', Colin Campbell,...
    Entry posted August 1, 2017 by Danette BealElite, tagged Member Spotlight 
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    Meet our June 'Hero of the Month', Colin Campbell, Capventis

    Colin Campbell and his family

    Every month for the past 6 months, we've been featuring a new customer service hero among us. These "Heroes of the Month" are dedicated and skilled professionals who have been kind enough to share a bit about their passion for Oracle Service Cloud and let us take a sneak peak into their personal life at the same time. This month's hero quietly contributes in many different areas of Service Cloud and we can easily refer to him as an "Old RightNower" with over a decade of experience. After meeting with Colin and learning about his background, projects and family life, its easy to get a sense of the type of person he is and the work ethic he portrays. I believe many of you will find his journey very relatable, down to the Pixar movies.

    Without further ado, we would like to congratulate Colin Campbell from Capventis for being our June "Hero of the Month".

    Where in the world do you live?

    I am originally from Scotland, though I now live in St Albans, near London. Before I started at Capventis, I was living near Bordeaux, France.

    We've learned a little about Capventis from Luis Melo. Tell us what you enjoy most about your company culture.

    Apart from the obvious answer of working with Doctor CX?

    We have so many clients, in different sectors and of different sizes, which means we are continually facing and solving new challenges. As a team member, you are not pigeonholed into one area but you are actively encouraged to go that extra step. I am a Consultant, a Project Manager, an Implementation Specialist, as well as a Trainer, the only thing we are not responsible for is making everyone coffees. It may sound chaotic, but that is what a true all-round consultant should be, and I love it!

    What is something that you are proud of in your time using Oracle Service Cloud?

    I have so many to choose from as I have been using the product for over 10 years now. I suppose that if I had to choose it would be one of two things. The first was the opportunity I had to travel to the European and US offices for / Travelocity to be the European expert in their global convergence project. I still keep in contact with the many friends I met there, both internal and from RightNow.

    The other would be a few years back, I was working with my former Ops Director over Christmas and New Year building a series of reports that visually show SLA using a custom script. These reports help get more out of the rel_date_diff() function than you do from out of the box reporting.  I still keep evolving copies of that report in my back pocket.

    How have you used Oracle Service Cloud to solve a business problem? How did you solve it and what was the impact to the business?

    I love looking at providing solutions that are native to the system or involve minimal external configuration.  I have seen some pieces of code developed for add-in and I have thought to myself, "How can this be done only using the system?".

    One of my favourite pieces of recent work is tracking incident confidentiality using workspace rules.

    • The Challenge

    We have a couple of clients who share a single instance of Oracle Service Cloud between departments. They need to have a 360 view of the customer, but they also need to ensure that some information can be obfuscated from other teams. An example would be high emotive issues or financial Information. The customer does not have workflows enabled, which would obviously be the easiest solution. Some of the teams are structured in such a way where an escalated issue can then only be seen by the team manager.

    • The Solution

    The solution I came up with allows each team to view their own confidential records and to escalated them between teams. The Level 3 confidentiality adds a second level of confidential records which allows even more granular masking.

    See Colin's Solution

    • Impact

    The record will load up as normal for those users who have the relevant confidentiality level. However, those who are not able to see the record will see a text only field containing the relevant information that is not confidential. It also includes a call to action if the person feels they should have access.

    The reporting will still show the records. However, an if statement is configured to hide the confidential information and users will need to click into the incident to receive more information.

    There are obvious back doors to this, but for the large majority of the use cases this piece of work is both flexible and does what is needed without a piece of development or additional system functionality.

    Why do you participate in the Oracle Service Cloud Hero Hub?

    Being completely honest, I am a sucker for gamification, anything with a leader board on it I generally get hooked. Other than gamification, I love how the hub highlights success stories and open your eyes to how it is possible to use or adapt Oracle Service Cloud away from the norm. I loved the recent posts on how Augmented Reality can work with Oracle Service Cloud and Field Service to enable a technician to come in and at a glance see how what needs serviced. You never know, a post here in the hub or in the communities could lead to the next eureka moment.


    What is the weirdest job you have ever had?

    I would say my favourite job (unpaid) would have to be when I was a Whisky Marketer. I used Twitter to help co-ordinate whisky tasting with global audiences and the distillery. It was amazing having people all over the globe tasting the same thing at the same time. It was also productive for the distillery who was able to gauge the market response as well as the ever important sound bites.

    What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

    Having two boys under 4, I never really have time off, but I do love to cook, play pool (8 ball) and do Origami.

    What is the most recent movie or book that you've seen / read lately?

    My youngest (2½ year old) absolutely loves Pixar’s "Inside Out." I have watched this film over, and over, and over, and over again.  He will steal the remote so you cannot change the channel, and when you do get the remote, he comes and takes it, puts the film back on and scowls at you.

    Currently, I’m watching "Zoo," "The Americans," "iZombie," and "Preacher" on my morning commute. The book I am currently reading is “I Love You More Than My Dog” by Jeanne Bliss, but I am patiently waiting on the Winds of Winter to be released.


    Congratulations Colin! I'm excited to feature you as June's "Hero of the Month" and look forward to collaborating more with you in the future.

    Want to be our next Spotlighted Hero? Each month, we'll look at active participants in the Oracle Service Cloud Hero Hub and pick a top contributor to feature next month.