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    Marcello Candura
    Screen configuration based on activity type
    Topic posted April 16, 2018 by Marcello CanduraRegular 
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    Screen configuration based on activity type



    our technicians need to type in some information about the job they have done when they click on "End activity": basically, they need a check list based on the type of maintenance they are doing so that we collect those datas as output.

    I have seen, anyway, that screen configuration is based on user type and not on activity type. Is there any possibility to have a screen configuration when I end activity that varies based on the object I have done maintenance to ( or based on the activity type)?




    • Shaun Nicely - Helix Business Solutions

      Hello Marcello,

      Yes, you can configure screens based on activity type. When adding properties to the 'end activity' screen for the appropriate user type you are presented with the option to add visibilities. Visibilities allow you to show/hide or make a field ReadOnly/ReadWrite based on the values of other properties. It is here that you would set up the checklists you need and show them based on activity type.




    • Marcello Candura

      Thank you,it worked fine!