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    [Delivered] Let administrator log agent out
    Idea posted July 31, 2009 by DmitryLZSpecialist, last edited November 19, 2012 by Monty BucholzRookie, tagged System Admin and Configuration 
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    [Delivered] Let administrator log agent out
    User Story / Description:

    An administrator (or even the agent's manager) should be able to log the agent out.


    Currently, if you have 2 PCs - A & B, and if you're already logged in on PC A and if you try to login to RN from PC B, it will log you out from PC A.   Perhaps RN can use the same method to allow Managers/Admins to Log a person out.





    • Colin Campbell

      can we do this so there is a timeout setting in the admin console or against a profile where the system automatically logs someone out after a period of inactivity rather than manually logging out as Dimitry suggests


      This takes us approx 4 hours daily to manually log users out

    • xwrjdl
      I came to the idea board with the intent of posting this same suggestion if it had not already been made.  Our Cisco Supervisor tools allow us to change user statuses within our phone system and I find myself wishing I had the same ability to logout a user and/or change their unavailable status for RNT chat. 
    • Danny

      This has been proposed repeatedly; it's clearly a hole in the administration of the system. It is as much a security requirement as anything. With many remote users, we need to be able to log out someone who is dismissed for example. We can obviously disable the login, but if they are in already we can't log them out. It also affects our concurrency estimates; we have had accounts logged in for months because of errors in the logout process, and this results in our apparent usage being higher than actual usage.

    • ihays

      I agree with this as well, from an administrative prespective, you should be able to have a way to log someone out from either just chat or out of the RightNow system completely.


    • The Joan

      I have posted a slight variation to this suggestion at While an admin logout feature would be an improvement, we would actually need an automated logout feature due to accommodate a concurrent licensing agreement.

    • Charles Lickly

      This feature would be very useful for our company as we REALLY would like to me able to salvage some metrics from the "Agent Login" report.  But without an idle timeout for Agent Desktop or a automated way for admin to be able to FORCE logouts otherwise the reports around agent activity become almost unusable.

    • Sophistical

      Even on our IVR if an agent doesn't answer a call that is pushed to them they are automatically bumped out of the queue.  It would be great if chat could do the same thing; if a user stays logged into chat over lunch or (even worse) overnight there is not much we can do.  If the user is in the same building we can power the computer off but that doesn't work when they are in another state.  This hurts our service levels but if more than one user stays logged in it starts hurting the customer experience as well.

    • Kent Smith

      I agree that having a configurable automated log out feature would be very helpful and I would also like the ability as administrator to manually log someone out.

    • Chaz Hart - Customer Care Manager

      Hey Guys,

      Here is a workaround that should work for you. An administrator in the RightNow application has the ability to reset users passwords.  You can reset passwords for agents that are still displayed as logged in and then log in as them and log out and this will clear their session IDs so that they are not showing as logged in.  The agent will have to get the new password from you to log into the application and you can use this as a time to discuss with them the importance of logging out of the application at the end of their shift.

    • Sophistical

      That's a great point Chaz!  I'll have to weigh that against how much I enjoy getting paged at whatever time they realize a user is logged in as to whether or not I tell them. It is certainly an option though; thanks for the idea! 

      This is still an issue for us; particularly for chat users. 

    • Nick Broadbent

       Having to reset passwords, login and then log them out, only for them to have to keep changing their passwords, when they don't even think they are logged in is not really the answer. Supervisors should have the ability to logout and agent, logout anyone from chat, and it would be useful if this was also on an inactivity timer, so if someone has not used the account for x hours they are logged out, and an addition would be if any of a group of agents are not logged out at n o'clock they would get logged out.

    • NeilS

      Hi everyone, I'm running a project within RightNow to provide the ability for you to manually log users out of the system from the administration console. The way it would work is that you would have a report of the users logged into the system; from this report you could select one or more rows then click "Log User Out"  to log them out. There are some details to work through still in terms of what happens if that user has open records / designers, etc. Would be interested in your thoughts on how this should work.

      This capability is part of a larger feature that also include auto-logout, per the discussion. Together, these capabilities should help you to manage concurrent user sessions much more easily.

      This project is a high priority for RightNow in 2011. As we reach critical milestones in the project I'll update this discussion thread, so if you're interested in this capability please subscribe to the conversation using the checkbox at the bottom of this page.

      - Neil

      Neil Srinivasan | Product Manager | Contact Center Solutions | RightNow Technologies

    • wundys

      Looking forward to this feature.  thanks

    • Cathy Switzer

      Neil, we'll be upgrading again next year, get that feature into the NOV11 release!  ;-)

    • kgrady209

       This feature really needs to be added to the product.  There should be a time limit for a staff account to be logged in.  If the time limit is 9 hours (normal work day) at 8 hour 45 minutes there should be a pop up notification that allows the user to stay logged in for antoher X (provide user choice of 30 minutes, 1 hour, 2 hours).  This feature is important for concurrent user session as well as incident queue assignment using the logged in only feature.