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    Adding custom object values onto hyperlink shows nullAnswered
    Topic posted February 9, 2018 by JJGrand Master 
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    Adding custom object values onto hyperlink shows null


    I have a hyperlink control where the URL is:$$

    The contact email address is fine (put there for testing) but the is showing null in the browser. Wellbeing is a custom package. Referral is a custom object.

    Is this possible? Am I doing anything wrong? I am outputting the ID above the hyperlink on the workspace and it's showing the correct value.

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    This seems work!



    • JJ


      This seems work!

    • Sebastiaan

      Hi JJ.

      Not having worked with custom objects myself it might be that you need to work with $wellbeing (if wellbeing is the package name in which you CO resides)
      See Including a variable on a custom tab or custom link

      Passing Custom Object Field Values

      The following variable can be used to pass the value of a custom object field based on the package name, object name, and field name.


      To find the package name, object name, and field name to use in a custom object field variable, open the Data Dictionary (Configuration>Database>Data Dictionary). Custom object tables are listed in the format package_name$object_name.  For example, if a custom object named WorkOrder resides in the CO package, it will be listed in the Data Dictionary as CO$WorkOrder.  You can click the table to see a list of columns (fields) that can be passed in variables. For a column containing menu items, click the column to see the list of items along with the values that represent them.

      Example:  The following URL passes information about a field named PaymentType in an object named WorkOrder in the CO package to a field named payment_type.$CO$WorkOrder.PaymentType

      System/Custom Attribute on the Incident object:  System attributes can be passed using this syntax: $object_name.package_name$field_name, e.g. $incident.CO$FieldText