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    [Not Planned] Data Import for Staff Accounts
    Idea posted July 24, 2015 by Dave McCallExplorer, last edited February 23, 2017 by eleepHero, tagged System Admin and Configuration 
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    [Not Planned] Data Import for Staff Accounts
    User Story / Description:

    The Data Import Wizard is an excellent tool. Would love to have staff accounts as part of that tool. It would be ideal to be able to create/update the staff account, setting the profile and group at the same time.


    • Susie

      Thanks everyone for the comments and sorry about the disappointment.  There are a lot of wonderful ideas here in the Idea lab, and one of the challenges of being a product manager is that we can't do everything- we just don't have the resources.  We definitely value the feedback and want people to continue liking and commenting on ideas.  We see the value of this feature and pointing to a partner solution is not the answer, but maybe it can be a shorter term solution until we can get more votes and comments and put this idea under consideration.

      One possibility is that we reconsider this when we start moving admin pages into the Browser UI.  The data importer is still a long way out from being moved into the Browser UI but if we end up changing our data importer strategy, we will definitely switch this idea from not planned to under consideration.  At this point, it is still not planned but please keep on voting and commenting as you can drive change. wink



    • Scott Heidenreich

      Yes, please!  we will be increasing the number of our agents and an import tool would be much more efficient.