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    [Delivered] Idle User Log Out
    Idea posted July 24, 2009 by Colin CampbellExpert, last edited November 19, 2012 by eleepHero, tagged Agent Desktop, System Admin and Configuration 
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    [Delivered] Idle User Log Out
    User Story / Description:

    New functionality allows RightNow to lock the account of a user who has been idle for a certain amount of thime.  This does not log them out of the system, but requires the user to enter their password again to continue.


    We are aware of some users who lock their desktops at the end of the day and go home, leaving all applications logged in.  This uses a valuable concurrent log in slot...


    • Danny

      Yes to both ideas! I recently had to submit a support ticket just to get some of our users logged out of the system - they had become 'stuck' and theoretically had been logged in for years!


      The admin option is a no-brainer - I want to force someone out of the system for example if they are dismissed for cause. And a timeout just makes sense in a concurrent model.

    • eleep
      Just a reminder that "one idea, one post." :) Please focus your comments on the topic on hand.  And if you're interested in a related functionality to let administrators logout agents/users, please visit the "Let administrator log agent out" thread.  Thanks
    • Colin Campbell

      Erm thanks for the comments.  the post was more relating to have the system automatically log users out.  i.e. if user is inactive a certain timeframe rather than lock them (requioting them to re-enter their password it times them out and makes them log back into the application from the start.


      Our administrators already log agents out manually by changing their passwords.

    • Peter C



      Have you got any more information available on this?  We are in a similar situation, however sometimes agents unssuccefully log out and the user is still shown as logged on and this is painful.  Also and more importantly we have a number of perifiral staff who log in and sit idle for a number of hours using up our concurrent licence and if there was a timed log out of say one hour of inactivity it should free up the licence for another staff member and help our contract compliance.


      I am interested if there are any other solutions rather than purcahsing additional licences.



    • skaleel
      This is a great feature for additional agent management.
    • michrobi
      I agree to this idea that I have personally submitted Feature Requests for. I would also like to point out that such a common thing as a timeout not being available is odd, until you think about it in terms of RightNow's best interest. I'm not accusing anyone of indefinitely delaying implementation of a valuable and usually standard feature to pad concurrent user payments, but you should be aware of the potential integrity perception.
    • Ian Smith

      Hi everyone,

      From a concurrent license holder point of view it is a necessity to have idle users logged out by the system. 

      I would also suggest that we all have different requirements and that the idle user time be able to be set locally by the administrator.



    • The Joan

      I wasn't able to find this topic when I searched, but after I posted Erica was able to point me here. I will duplicate what I posted as feedback on this idea. I have also voted here to support this.

      We are considering going to concurrent licensing. Unfortunately, my agents do not always log out of the agent console when it is not in use (or the system froze causing them to do a hard logout or they shutdown without logging out). I have seen the idea posted for providing the admin the ability to logout users (, but this would be time consuming and I wouldn't know when someone who only needed the console for five minutes left it logged in all day.

      There is a security feature setting of CLIENT_SESSION_EXP that we have set to 90 minutes, but this only makes the agent enter their login and password to continue if they have been inactive, it doesn't actually log them off the server.

      RightNow needs to supply a setting option that we can set similar to CLIENT_SESSION_EXP that will log out an agent after a certain period of inactivity in order to accommodate a concurrent licensing agreement. Otherwise, we are paying for non-use of the system when there is no way to control some of the scenarios that cause a user to show on the server.

      For example, my logged in staff accounts is currently showing five users that have been logged in for 65 or more hours. While we are all working really hard lately, our typical day is 8 - 10 hours, not 65 - 124 hours.

    • Stacy Batchelor

      I am surprised RightNow has not enabled this functionality already, as it is common among other applications.  In addition to licensing/billing issues, we have a need for this functionality to adhere to our contract.  Per security requirements, applications we access need to have an automatic logoff feature after no use for a specific amount of time.  This is to prevent unauthorized actions within the system.  As Administrators, we should have a setting available which enables us to select a certain amount of time for which we allow users to be idle in the system.  After that point in time, the application should log them off.

      I strongly recommend RightNow deliver this functionality. and to do so in the near future.  This is an urgent need on our end and could determine how we move forward. 

    • The Joan


      What version are you using? There is actually a setting for to require a user to enter credentials before proceeding; however, it doesn't log them off the server. So this setting might help for the situation you described (although the feature doesn't seem to be working for us, I need to file a ticket I guess).

      Under Common Configuration > Settings > RightNow User Interface > General > Security, change the setting for CLIENT_SESSION_EXP to whatever time you want to require the agent put there user name and password in again if they haven't used the application.

      "Specifies the number of minutes the client can remain idle until the user is forced to reenter credentials to continue. Setting this value to 0 disables this feature. Default is 0."

    • dawsonm

      This is something that I would love to see within RightNow.

      I have agents who have been logged in for thousands of hours, and the only way to fix it is to reset their password and log in as them and then log out again!

      The software currently communicates with the server regularly, why cant it detect a timeout?

    • Greg Thiessen

      I would echo the comments of other users.  The lack of an idle time log out significantly impairs the value of a concurrent license model and exposes RightNow's clients to unnecessary cost exposure.  The seems like an easy fix, it is puzzling to me that it has been a year since the original post and this still has not been addressed.  I have never seen an application that offers concurrent licensing that does not have an idle time log.  This cannot be that difficult to resolve.  Idle time log outs have been around for decades. 

    • eleep

      This idea's status is being changed to "in progress."

    • wundys

      Would like to have the abilty to auto-logout an Agent that has been idle in the RN application for more than a specific time,  perhaps 1 or 2 hours. I know that feature is available for the end user client using the client_session_exp value but would also like a similar feature for the agents using the RN application

    • jimmyjim

      pitching in my 2 cents and voicing out this for a future release!thanks for posting this Collin!