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    Add Capacity Check in the move screen in manage
    Idea posted February 9, 2018 by Daniel von SchevenJourneyer, tagged Field Service 
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    Add Capacity Check in the move screen in manage
    User Story / Description:

    When a Dispatcher need to re-schedule/move an activity we need to have the capacity checked against the system

    All other options (skill, etc.) are already checked when using the move screen.
    Adding capacity check would increase the efficiency of the dispatchers work.



    • Zsolt

      Hi Daniel,

      IMO technician's capacity is also checked, because you will get an overtime warning if you try to assign a new activity for him/her if he/she hasn't enough free time for that activity for that day.


    • Daniel von Scheven
      Hi Zsoft,
      In this scenario, a customer would call in and give an order number to make an appointment.
      The dispatcher finds the job and would assign a time slot and move the order to a "routing bucket".
      This scenario, the dispatcher in the Movescreen appeared which buckets are available and gets
      displayed (in green) that there are no problems.
      Here, a query of the capacity category must appear in the quota of the routing bucket.
       Tests have shown that you can put any number of orders into a
      bucket by move without a warning .
    • Zsolt

      Hi Daniel,

      I see, you right, this flow is not fully supported by OFSC now.

      If I had the opportunity to change this flow, then I would like to make a frontend based on REST calls, the dispatchers just type activity details in, the interface show free available date/time slot from OFSC, after the customer chosen one and dispatcher record that in the screen, then the system refresh/move activity to the chosen bucket/day in OFSC. Capacity checked and human errors avoided.


    • Daniel von Scheven

      Hi Zsolt,

      Exactly, you have recognized the problem!
      With this function that I personally find very important you reduce the risk
      with multiple dispatchers the bucket is overbooked.
      It would be enough if the font changes from green to red and in the
      Column "Comments" appears: no Capacity.

      Best regards