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    Add "Freeze Sort" Option to Report Designer
    Idea posted May 11, 2018 by Stephen RussellExplorer, tagged Agent Desktop, Reporting 
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    Add "Freeze Sort" Option to Report Designer
    User Story / Description:

    Problem Statement

    Some reports require a specific sort sequence in order to produce a reliable and consistent presentation required for specific applications, such as monthly reports to be presented to customers. A user who clicks the Sort button or a column header, either intentionally or by mistake, when running such a report can unwittingly interfere with the consistency of presentation required for the report. Moreover, the user who does this might not even be aware of the specific sort requirement.

    Another more serious use case applies to reports with embedded scripts that require display of rows in a specific sequence to work reliably. For example, if-statements that compare values in one row to those in a previous row may require a specific sort sequence to evaluate the data in the rows reliably. In this scenario, a user who clicks the Sort button or a column header can inadvertently interfere with the script's functions. It's unrealistic to expect users to understand the requirements of if conditions embedded in report scripts of reports that they run. From a user's point of view, such reports should run without being so sensitive.

    The workaround is for the user to click the Home > Reset button to restore the default settings, but that assumes the user observes the error, understands the cause is user-related and not data-related, and knows about the Reset button.

    Proposed Solution

    1. Insert a "Freeze Sort" check box to the dialog box that opens when one clicks the Report Designer Home > Sort button.
    2. If the check box is checked, grey out the Sort button and disable the column header sort-toggles in Report View mode.