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    [Not Planned] Enhanced "Daily view" with...
    Idea posted May 8, 2015 by ZsoltMaster, last edited May 13, 2015 by John RanalliRegular, tagged Field Service 
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    [Not Planned] Enhanced "Daily view" with technician highlight
    User Story / Description:

    Hi all,

    We think the Daily View can be greatly enhanced if the cursor position (or when clicking on his name) will highlight the complete line for the specific technician. If the shift names are long, then a full week cannot fit in one screen and technician names will be hidden when scrolling right.




    • John Ranalli

      Hi Zsolt,

      Thank you for bringing your idea to the Idea Lab.

      Currently this functionality is not planned; however, have you considered choosing a single resource from the Resource Tree while on the Daily screen? This will help alleviate any confusion when looking at a resource’s shift at a granular level. If you are currently using this method and would like to provide more details, please do so and we will be happy to continue the discussion.

      Thanks again for sharing your ideas with us.


      Oracle Field Service Cloud Product Management Team

    • Zsolt

      Hi John,

      Thank you for the tip and for the reply, but our dispatchers like to see all technicians which are belongs to the same base in one screen. But as you propose it, this result can be reached in many different ways.