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    Mustafa Zubaidi
    ConditionalChatLink for specific queue IDAnswered
    Topic posted December 5, 2017 by Mustafa ZubaidiJourneyer, last edited December 6, 2017 by JessicaBGuru 
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    ConditionalChatLink for specific queue ID

    Is it possible to create custom ConditionalChatLink widget to work on a specific chat queue and not on the default queue?

    (Jessica Bradley) Edited with clarification from thread, is it "possible to use the sessions from a specific queue to determine the availability of the chat link. It currently works on the default queue or the total of ALL available sessions, but want it for example to work on Chat Queue #3 only."

    CCL 1.2

    Best Answer

    Gursimran Singh Saini

    Yes its possible.

    Extend ConditionalChatLink Widget overriding everything except the view. Add a new Attribute "Queue ID". This is the Queue you want the Widget to check.

    Override its Controller Function: processDataFromCheckChatQueue()

    In this function, $chatRouteRV array has the Queue ID determined through Chat Routing Rules (as Cynthia correctly pointed out).

    Just modify this Array and hardcode the "Queue ID" Attribute.