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    Stephanie Hartsog
    Surviving - No, Thriving - During Seasonal Spikes? Tell Us...
    Entry posted July 19, 2018 by Stephanie HartsogSpecialist, tagged Best Practices 
    Surviving - No, Thriving - During Seasonal Spikes? Tell Us about it on the Service Cloud Hero Hub

    Fearlessly Surviving Seasonal Spikes

    What is the Oracle Service Cloud Hero Hub?
    The Hero Hub is an online destination designed to accelerate your (our customers’) success, strengthen your relationship with Oracle, and grow your career.

    What value do I get from participating?
    In the Hero Hub, you’ll have the opportunity to:

    • Meet other Oracle Service Cloud customers, product managers, and leadership.
    • Discover resources designed to help drive your success.
    • Provide feedback – on the product, your industry, and your own experiences.
    • Share your story – the obstacles you’ve overcome, the success you’ve seen, the pain points you’re facing, and the innovations you’re driving.
    • Participate in activities designed to build your personal brand and your organization’s.
    • Hear about upcoming events.
    • Seek out CX Hero status for Modern Customer Experience 2019.
    • And much more!

    While many of you are enjoying a slower season and relaxing on your summer vacation, others are handling seasonal support spikes or preparing for the fast-approaching holiday season. Whether you're relaxing by the pool or logging hours in front of your computer, take a break, grab a drink, and tell us more about your seasonal spikes.

    Going forward, you’ll see us (Oracle CX Customer Advocacy) launching Hero Hub experiences for short periods of time – like a bluelight special (who can name the retailer who coined the bluelight special?).

    We recently launched a Shopping Spree experience tailored to help you fearlessly survive, even thrive, during your seasonal spikes.  
    In this experience, you have the opportunity to learn best practices, hear from successful Oracle customers, provide your insight and perspective, and share your experience using Oracle products.

    Plus, you can earn exclusive badges, which will help you on your quest to earn CX Hero status at Modern Customer Experience 2019. And, while you may not be named a contestant on Supermarket Sweep, you'll have an opportunity to gain access to an exclusive webinar.

    Get started with this experience today, and keep an eye out for more experiences coming your way in the near future.