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    Contact Association while creating incident - Web Service
    Idea posted November 17, 2015 by Sharan DesaiRegular, tagged Connect Data Services, Customer Portal, Incident Management 
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    Contact Association while creating incident - Web Service
    User Story / Description:

    Hi Team,

    As we know that while creating Incident through Web Service we can associate contact to it but Right Now allows to associate contact via Contact ID or Contact LookUpName.

    Since Contact lookUpName is not unique in the system (i.e we can create more than 1 contact with same Name) in this case the association fails as RN will not understand which contact to associate if there are more contacts with same name.

    Suggestion : As we know email address is an unique field in contact so there has to be a feature to associate contact to incident which incident creation through Web Service which is currently not available in the system.






    • Vikram Kaledhonkar


      Have you looked at the 'chaining' capability provided in Web Services? Chaining allows you to pull a correct contact ID for given email address and associate it to a newly created incident in single API call.

      There is a sample for that (as part of sample code section).