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    [Under Consideration] Automatic private note when forwarding...
    Idea posted April 4, 2016 by Wouter WillemseWhiz, last edited May 18, 2016 by SusieMaster, tagged Agent Desktop, Incident Management 
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    [Under Consideration] Automatic private note when forwarding incident
    User Story / Description:

    It would help a lot to automatically insert a private note when forwarding an incident. In the current version we use (Feb.'15), there are no rules (workspace or incident rules) to interact with forwarding. The only way to verify that an incident is forwarded is the audit log. But usually, the fact that it is forwarded, plus what has been written in that forwarded mail, is useful information to maintain a full incident history.

    So, something like a standard private note that gets inserted when Forward is used, with the message written, the emails to which the incident was forwarded and whether attachments and private notes were included, would help a lot to make this feature more transparent and have a better view on Incident History.



    • Kyle

      Yep, I feel your pain b/c we go through the same process. It's tedious b/c we have to also compose the content to the person we're forwarding the incident to (a Standard Text feature would be great here). After we forward the incident we insert a private note. As you said, it's captured on the audit log but that's not very useful or visible compared to a Private Note for when the agent opens the incident.

    • Abigail Jones

      This would be useful on a chat transfer too.

    • Emilio Perez Solla

      Also, It'd be very useful to have a record of messages with third party that help to solve the incident. 

    • Susie

      We will keep this under consideration.  Please continue to post comments and like to help us prioritize.



    • John Hegarty

      It would be really useful to have a private note inserted automatically when we use the forward function. If it could record where it was sent to and the comments from the forward. If it could also insert the incident number into the Subject line it could then also allow the reply to be tied back into the thread if the staff members return address is in Service cloud.  

    • Mohana Gopal

      Its very useful.

    • Brian L.

      Adding that we would also find this beneficial

    • Wouter Willemse

      I think this functionality suggested should be integral part of what is recommended in this idea: Since both are marked as under consideration, I do hope there will be some sort of update on where this stands.

    • JLFolkman

      This would be verify helpful to know what information / comments were forwarded as a private note, not just within the Audit Log that it was sent.

    • Sebastiaan

      I think this is also important for GDPR/security purposes.
      While it is possible to insert at standard text into the message thread as a private note when a custom forward button has been pressed (default button has to be removed from the ribbon), see attached picture, it is not possible to see what data has been entered in the forwarded message.

      It is also possible to have a report that shows all forwarded messages by retrieving this data from the transactions, the report will then show who forwarded which incident to who (to email address is included in the report) and one could create an exception as to highlight transactions with addresses outside of their domain (even an alert can be created) but again, it does not say what info has been forwarded.