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    [Not Planned] Intent Guide: Add a "double...
    Idea posted February 7, 2013 by Bas HiemstraJourneyer, last edited February 1, 2016 by Mandy SchiffrinWhiz, tagged Virtual Assistant 
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    [Not Planned] Intent Guide: Add a "double question" check to alternative questions.
    User Story / Description:

    Has been on the shelves for long but came up after discussion with Daniel Foppen: Why is there no such thing asa double question check for Alternative Questions in the Admin Suite?

    Idea: In the template editor window under the Alternative Question section, add a button (extra row to the right) next to each Alternative Question that will open a popup after clicking. The popup will show a search result using the language engine search only. It shows the results in model questions + the scores. Actually the same information as the match engine search in the tool would normally give. Only in a popup/new window.

    Why not during creation of AltQ? The feeling is, that that would interfere too much with the admin's task at hand: Solving the matching by adding new altq. A check afterwards makes more sense. Those who exactly know why they are adding a specific AltQ would not have the need to check.

    This also helps in analysis and cleaning the database up.



    • Elaina Myers

      Good idea Bas,

      A quick check for duplicate questions and answers will help reduce the effort needed to clean up the database manually.



    • Mandy Schiffrin

      Bas, I think it would be good to highlight the alt-qs that are already 'covered' by the model question.  Then you can decide whether to disable them or not.

      However, this would clash with one of our other ideas, which is to enable some alt-qs to be displayed if they are matched with.  The idea behind this is that the user might see more of a relationship between his query and the alt-q rather than with the model question.

      What do you think?


    • Mandy Schiffrin

      We will be developing this capability for the new version of Virtual Assisntant in the future.