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    Response send to either Primary or Secondary Contact of an...
    Idea posted February 10, 2017 by Christos PatikasExplorer, tagged Incident Management 
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    Response send to either Primary or Secondary Contact of an incident.
    User Story / Description:

    At the moment, if an incident is connected with 2 ore more contacts, response is delivered to primary but also to secondary contacts as CC.

    it could be nice to have multiple contacts assigned to an incident but response delivered only to primary or only to secondary.


    Thank you.



    • David Wright

      We have a related use case / request that a 'pop-up' message could be implemented so that if "send on save" is selected, and there are secondary contacts attached to the incident, that the user is alerted that the response will be cc'd to those secondary contacts. The user could then be given the option to send to all contacts or just the primary contact.

      I assume that this above behaviour is not currently possible - either out of the box or by some customisation?