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    "DocuSign" digital/electronic signature
    Idea posted March 30, 2015 by Ryan SchofieldMaster, last edited March 31, 2015 by eleepHero, tagged Customer Portal 
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    "DocuSign" digital/electronic signature
    User Story / Description:

    Stemming from the Idea here (, I'd like to be able to add an electronic signature to an AAQ form.

    My case is offering a "DocuSign" functionality where users can click a button to sign the form. I'm sure there are several 3rd-party integrations that could be considered but sounds like Sales Cloud already has something (though I'm not at all familiar with it). I think of it like adding an electronic signature to Adobe documents or submitting taxes--in those cases you may have had to do some other external setup to get a digital signature that can be used with whatever sites accept it.



    • Sean Montgomery

      Hi Ryan,

      Please forgive me, but I'm having a hard time visualizing this.  Whose electronic (digital) signature do you want to add to the AAQ form?  Is this something that the end-user who fills out the AAQ is going to sign?  I assume so, but can you provide examples of AAQ forms where this would be useful to you?  For instance, are you requesting the end-user's permission for something?

      Technically speaking, since an "electronic signature" means "an electronic sound, symbol, or process, attached to or logically associated with a contract or other record and executed or adopted by a person with the intent to sign the record," and if that is what you seek regarding your AAQ form, could you not achieve this without a "digital signature" and instead implement a form field like "Type AGREE followed by your full name here if you are the person you say you are:"?  This is similar to filing a tax return electronically.  This is one way to implement an electronic signature; another way would be to use a digital signature (i.e. DocuSign).

      If authentication of the end-user, integrity of the message/document, and non-repudiation once the message/document is signed are all important to you when it comes to your AAQ form (as opposed to the end-user simply conveying intent), then a digital signature approach is appropriate, but I want to appreciate your specific use cases here, so any detail you can provide would be helpful to me!


    • Ryan Schofield

      Hi Sean,

      What I was thinking of is having something like DocuSign, but we haven't even developed requirements for this so I could see it working several ways (just an idea at this point). We are looking for the end-user's signature. We process (physical) government forms that require a signature. That signature sometimes can be a stamp/copy, other times is required to be 'wet' (meaning pen actually touched the paper). We'd have to work with the client to get them to change their requirements for the forms, but it'd be easier if we had an option to present to them. Your last paragraph is spot-on so the digital signature approach is what we'd prefer. I understand the option you present of having a form field but I don't think that would end up working for this client.