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    Oracle Service Community Guidelines
    Topic posted December 21, 2009 by eleepHero, last edited November 16, 2016 
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    Oracle Service Community Guidelines

    This site is intended for sharing ideas, tips, questions and answers, best practices, and experiences. While Oracle Service Cloud employees post here when they can, this is not an offical Oracle Service Cloud Support channel.

    The Community Guidelines below are here to help you understand what it means to be a member of the RightNow Community.  Don't forget that by using the forum, you agree to Oracle's Terms of Use


    1. Remember the Golden Rule: “Treat others as you would have them treat you.”  The Community enables interaction among a global community, made up of users with all levels of expertise.  By welcoming new members & showing respect to each other, we create an inviting environment that encourages participation & builds the Community’s value for everyone. 

    2. Keep it professional.  You are welcome to share your perspective on the relevant business topics, but mature, polite discussion is encouraged. That means no personal attacks. Comments can be engaging but courteous and respectful. Any abusive, derogatory, inappropriate, obscene, offensive, or violent content will be promptly removed.

    3. Respect the privacy of others.  It's up to you, and only you, to decide what information to share about yourself & your business.  Don't post another user's email or postal address, phone numbers, etc.

    If you participate in the Developer Discussion Forum, remember to clean your code and audit logs and remove confidential or sensitive information (e.g. site URL, login, password, customer information).

    4.  Search first.  There's loads of information available, so you'll first want to check existing resources like documentation, sample code, etc.  Then search the forum to see if your question has been answered.

    5.  Make good & relevant contributions.  Provide relevant, insightful information & ask important questions.  If you found an answer to your question, you can give back to the Community by posting an update to your question.  False, inaccurate, & misleading information is not helpful.

    6. Help, don't sell: We encourage active participation from customers and partners, but discourage blatant promotion of products and services, particularly in the Discussion Forums where the goal is helping members answer their question. You may highlight your company, products and services on your Community profile. 

    7.  Stay on topic.  Keep threads focused on the original conversation.  Don't hijack a thread with your question or feedback. Just go ahead & start a new forum thread. 

    8.  Be specific in your subject lines. Many people decide which forum threads to read based on the subject line.  Use subject lines to give users a snap shot of your question.  For example, briefly state your reporting problem instead of titling your thread “Help with custom report.”

    9.  Post to the most relevant board, not multiple boards.  Posting the same question across multiple boards creates disjointed conversations, clutters the Community, and undermines the purpose of having topical boards.

    10. Give praise when due. Everybody likes to know if their contributions were valuable.  If another user helped you or shared worthwhile content, let them know—including a “thanks” in your posts, giving them a thumbs up, and/or marking a post as the best answer when appropriate. This also helps improve the user's Community rank.

    11. Keep the Order.  The Community exists for you. You can help make this a safe, positive, and valuable place by helping enforce these guidelines & reporting violations to Oracle Service Cloud team.

    • If content does not abide by the guidelines or User Agreement, report it to our moderators by selecting “Report Abuse.” 

    • If you see something that is broken or could be improved, let us know--send a private message to Community Managers Erica Leep or Danette Beal, post your ideas to the Idea Lab, post to the forum, etc.

    We know this list isn’t exhaustive, but rather than looking for loopholes, we ask that you understand these guidelines and respect the intent behind them.  In most cases, if you cross one of the lines above, we’ll give you a warning & address the offense.  But subsequent violations will result in the termination of your account.

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    • Kelly Spencer

       Hi, everyone,

      We're new to developing campaigns using RightNow and I'm wondering if anyone knows if it's possible to open an external program such as Excel from within a campaign, perform a calculation, and then feed the result back into the campaign to proceed to the next step? Our situation is as follows -- we can track who visits a certain Web page on which we link to a form. We can track who fills out the form, and we can 'subtract' those who fill out the form from all those who visited the initial Web page to deduce who opted not to complete the form, which is really the result we're after. We're planning to perform the 'subtraction' in a program like Excel, and I'd like to understand if it's possible to automate the Excel step from within the campaign or if we must necessarily do that part manually. Any suggestions/hints are most welcome!


    • Rick Kastruba

      Hi All,

      Has anybody worked with the SOAP API to develop SOAP code that updates specific fields within a RightNOW Incident?

      The problem I'm having is understanding which of the fields within the SOAP API methods (Update and Create) map to specific areas within a RightNow Incident. For example which field within the provided SOAP Update API would be used to change the RightNow Incident Status field? Entering a newly created TTTS ticket # into the TTTS Ticket Number field within the TTTS tab of the RightNow Incident is yet another example. The total list of mappings we need to know this information for is around 8.

      Basically would like to know if there is a conversion chart that answers this type of question?


    • Nathan Williams


      It seems RightNow has an internal data dictionary which is helpful.  However, is there an easier way to create an ERD or data dictionary outside of RightNow other than a manual process?  The intent is to use the ERD and data dictionary to build a data warehouse structure to hold RightNow data.





    • Nisar Ahmed


      If I were to report a bug/anomaly, is there a place/appropriate thread where I can do so?

    • Matthew Lees

      Hi, Arun. If it's a bug/anomaly that has to do with this community site / forum space, the best place is probably the Site Feedback forum.

      If it's a bug/anomaly having to do with an Oracle Service Cloud product, you can write about it in the most relevant forum. And contact Customer Care...

      - Matthew

    • Kyle
      Matthew Lees said:

      And contact Customer Care...

      Good luck going down that rabbit hole service request form! laugh

    • Nisar Ahmed

      Thanks Matthew. It's related to the community site. I'll post it right away.