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    Notifications counter
    Topic posted June 16, 2017 by LornaExpert 
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    Notifications counter

    We have an internal customer portal and community that we’d like to use a notifications counter or badge on. What I mean is to notify in the header of the site via an icon that something has been updated (like most social media sites do, for example). And we have a few ‘something has been updated’ items eg answers that they have subscribed to, discussions that they have subscribed to, but also some custom object updates.

    So far all I can think of is to use a custom object of email addresses of people who subscribe to a (different) custom object update and then a custom process to send an email when the object is updated.

    I feel like there must be a better way to do this that I can’t think of! Is there an easier or more straight forward way to set this up? Has anyone else tried something like this?

    Feb 17; CP 3.6



    • Sampath Prasanna

      Hi Lorna,

      Please try exploring app/account/notif/list page after login. This is OOTB functionality on customer portal where users can subscribe and get notifications as emails(if you are looking of this) from RightNow once answer with these product/category gets updated in RightNow.



    • Lorna

      Hi Prasanna,

      I have done so. What I'm asking about is not product, category or answer notifications though so it doesn't help much wink