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    Survey Formatting
    Topic posted August 14, 2017 by eyespike1Whiz 
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    Survey Formatting

    Hi, I am looking to add formatting to feedback/survey questions that are more inline with today's styles.

    There are 3 ideas on the attached image. NPS and Rate This Call and Recognize the Employee.

    1. We want to start capturing Net Promoter Score which can be done with the standard survey question but I would like to update the style. With boxes and color.
    2. Rate this call. Is is possible to swap out the small circles with Stars?
    3. Reward an employee.

    Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.




    NPS.PNG (88KB)



    • Simon Kilgarriff

      Hi Seth,

      I've seen this sort of thing done before with a Service Cloud survey using CSS and Javascript.   The way I have seen it achieved is by changing the survey to an advanced survey.   Then, rather than serving a 'survey page' in the survey flow it was done using 'serve web page' and creating the survey in Documents Explorer as a document (you can add survey questions).

      The benefit of doing it this way was from the document you can control the calls to Javascript and external CSS in the HTML source code and ensure they are in the HEAD tags of the document - I've had issues trying to do this within a survey page inserting HTML.

      Hope that helps getting you in the right direction.

    • David Strong


      Do you have some more details on this process? So examples?