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    Have a "Reply All" type function built in so...
    Idea posted September 28, 2016 by Bijoy PuthenmadathilRegular, tagged Incident Management 
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    Have a "Reply All" type function built in so agents can easily send a response to all that were cc'd on the thread to support.
    User Story / Description:

    As an agent I would like to have anyone cc'd on a ticket to support included as alternative contacts so they are automatically included in all responses sent back out.  This is a real pain for our agents as they need to add multiple contacts to tickets manually which takes up time from there day and in some cases results in certain emails being missed.

    I would think there would be something simple like a "Reply All" button that is set up in service cloud that would allow the agent to send a response to everyone without needing to add the contacts separately. 



    • Brian L.

      Just want to add that this is a major pain point for our CSRs. The only way to "Reply to all" is to show the CC field and manually copy and paste the previously CC'd email addresses (assuming you know to look at the email header to find them in the first place!)

    • Jens

      Bijoy and Brian, I think this is covered under this Idea: Automatically add CC'd email addresses as incident contacts

      Would you be able to verify, and if so please vote and/or add comments to that idea?

      Thank you.

      Jens Lundell
      Oracle Service Cloud

    • Chris van Es

      We are looking forward for this solution as well. We have a lot of contacts (dealers, service centers etc.) who used the CC address. It should be great for the agent to have the possibility (like all other email programs) to mark the option Reply All. In that case the agent do not have to find out on each incident if there is a CC email and which email this is.


    • Chris van Es

      Any news regarding this ?