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    Streamlining and Simplifying Product Releases and...
    Entry posted September 29, 2017 by Sarah TiddJourneyer, tagged Product / Product Release 
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    Streamlining and Simplifying Product Releases and Maintenance

    More and more organizations, like Pella, Sound United (Denon + Marantz),Overhead Door, Carbon and others, are using Oracle Service Cloud with other applications in the Oracle Cloud suite drive to their digital transformation. We are excited to be supporting these broader organizational transformations, especially since this is central to Oracle’s value proposition.

    In an effort to improve the customer experience for organizations using multiple Oracle Cloud applications, Oracle has been working to simplify and streamline different aspects of these applications. One of the first efforts is to aligning product release names, patches, updates and maintenance schedules across Oracle Cloud applications.

    With that said, we wanted to give you a heads-up on Oracle Service Cloud changes coming to you.

    Naming and Timing

    To ensure clarity and consistency, we are adjusting our versioning terminology moving forward; we will use the last two digits of the calendar year, and A, B, C, or D to correspond to the four calendar quarters. Releases will continue to be delivered in February, May, August, and November.

    In November 2017, we will release ‘Oracle Service Cloud 17D'. Look for these releases in 2018:

    • Oracle Service Cloud 18A
    • Oracle Service Cloud 18B
    • Oracle Service Cloud 18C
    • Oracle Service Cloud 18D

    Following releases we will ship ‘Maintenance Packs’ monthly and ‘Patches’ as needed, for example, in December 2017, we will ship ‘Oracle Service Cloud 17D December Maintenance Pack’.

    Note that Updates to Agent Browser User Interface, the Auto Upgrade Program, and the Legacy Upgrade Process will not change.

    Monthly Maintenance

    We are working to eliminate downtime and have reduced the periods of potential downtime to the 1st weekend and the 3rd weekend of the month. If we expect downtime, you will receive notifications in advance, during, and at completion of each environment update.  For these weekends, the estimated windows of potential downtime, begin as follows:

    • Friday 21:00 Local Data Center time

    We will also be reducing notifications that are sent, because as you know, too many notifications can just become noise. The update processes have been designed to cause no impact to your service and as such, we will stop proactively notifying you of those types of changes. However, because maintenance is being conducted, we want you to be able to understand when they will occur. If you need to know, you can utilize these sources:

    You will see these changes starting in October 2017. The major shift will take place with the Oracle Service Cloud November 2017 Oracle Service Cloud 17D release. Looks like it’s going to take us a little time to make the paradigm shift too! wink

    Leave a comment and let us know if you have questions or feedback regarding this upcoming change.



    • Tasha Sylvester

      I think this makes a ton of sense and am happy that you are moving in this direction!

      Thanks for all your work and efforts!