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    Dispositions best practices
    Topic posted April 16, 2018 by LornaExpert 
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    Dispositions best practices


    We have an organically grown disaster of a disposition list angry As our products grew we added more and didn't remove any and now it's a product specific list that is really hard to get through. My suspicion is that agents are picking the recently used more frequently as they can't be bothered navigating it.

    Due to the size it's quite daunting trying to 'fix it' - does anyone have any best practices for creating and also maintaining a useful disposition list? What do you use it for, and what is it most useful for?

    Thanks :)




    • Carl Elliott

      In general the purpose of the Disposition list is to record how the incident was resolved.  Did the agent Answer a question, did they referred the customer to another source, was a coupon offered, etc.  Most people are using it for that purpose but I have seen some cases where it was used for different reasons because it is one of three available multilevel list in the system. 

      As you said the agent needs to be able to easily select the correct value or they will just pull in something close.  I would recommend not going more than 2 levels deep and keeping the list short so they can see it without scrolling.  


    • Simon Kilgarriff

      I agree with Carl.  Most customers I have come across use this as a 'Closure Code' type field.   I also agree with keeping the structure as flat as possible and making it as easy as possible for agents.   But, it is the only hierarchical field that is not customer facing so it could be used for lots of different purposes in theory.

      If using as a closure code then a workspace rule for when the Incident is set to Solved which makes Disposition mandatory is a good idea too enforcing an entry to be entered. 

      Using Prod/Disposition linking can help agents only make valid choices for selecting Disposition too.   You want to keep the list to choose from as compact as possible but still giving you the useful information for reporting purposes.

      The problem you have now is that if you go and change the list of dispositions massively is that it would likely affect all your historical data.    So, deleting or renaming dispositions might not be the best way forward unless you are happy to accept damage to historical data.   Alternatively you could consider creating new dispositions and using Prod/Disposition linking to phase out/hide all the old ones from Agents but all your reports and historical data will remain as it was.   Eventually when you are happy that the historical data is not so important you could remove the old dispositions.

    • Carl Elliott

      Good pint Simon about history.  Instead of trying to change them all on your incidents I see a lot of customers take away the admin views so they don't show up in the menu. 

      Add a new Disposition "***** New Dispositions Below this ****" which is also not visible except in the editor and then add all your new dispositions below that.  So it is a fresh start without effecting what was there.  

    • Lorna

      We've changed our categories quite a few times so we're used to the process of hiding the older ones :)

      Thank you both - you've given me something to work on and think about. It will be a challenge in itself limiting the list while retaining the levels of analytics that we need. Product linking is something we do already so hopefully that helps here.