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    "Enhanced Console" vs Legacy - Bring the Old...
    Idea posted March 13, 2017 by Marv FerrerPro, tagged Agent Desktop, Chat, Cobrowse, Incident Management, Reporting 
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    "Enhanced Console" vs Legacy - Bring the Old Console Back!
    User Story / Description:

    We've been using the "enhanced console" for about a couple of years now. I would have to say that this was a great disappointment. More so when the legacy console was completely phased out. Now we're just stuck with it. I've heard tons of moans and groans over this update. And I'm sure you (Oracle/RightNow) have as well. So, what are you going to do about it?

    The "enhanced" console has nothing enhanced about it. In fact, it's a pile of junk. The legacy console, on the other hand, was/is overall lightyears better. It just worked - less or almost zero issues as well. It didn't use up so much memory (it's 2017, we still have RAM issues?). Now, I'm seeing 600-800MB memory used. Seriously?!?

    So, my idea: bring back the legacy console. Why? It just worked. Period. So, do whatever you need to do to make everything else work with it. We need a simple/basic interface that functions 100%. I think we've tolerated so much of this enhanced console garbage and enough is enough.

    Can I get some love on this? Or do you think user feedback no longer matter? I maybe the only one posting about this, but, I'm simply stating the facts that no one seems to talk about.



    • Keri

      Hello Marv,
      From a development perspective, we definitely have worked many issues on the Enhanced Console since it's release. But the issues are coming in now at a snail's pace, if at all. Have your issues been submitted to support? Recently? I want to make sure we get an opportunity to help you resolve the problems, versus going backward in our product lifecycle. Of course, we have been focused on BUI as well and see some good trends so far on performance since we re-released BUI at the end of 2016.

      Thanks for letting us know about your concerns - I hope we can have a closer look on any submitted items!

    • Marv Ferrer

      Hi Keri,

      I understand where you're coming from. Can the enhanced console be further developed to perform as or better than the legacy one did? I believe this is where most of the frustration is stemming from and it should be the main priority and focus. For my agents who log 3-5 tickets per hour, this is very frustrating and it impacts the overall efficiency and productivity.  The enhanced console is simply inferior vs the legacy console in terms of overall performance. 


    • Keri

      Thanks again, Marv,

      I'd love to learn a bit more about what specific changes you feel could be made to improve performance and productivity. We definitely took the stance of adding newer functions into the Enhanced Console only, features that we certainly don't want to port backwards. Is there anything "sticky" from these new items? (to name a few: recent items in menus and pinning into nav set, new features like nested tabs to keep your "work items" together in most cases, no more workspace load flickering, and more) Alternately, what is causing your agents the most grief? How long have your agents been using EC? Is it a case of a new app and things will improve as they get used to it? (I have the same issue using BUI - it feels 'harder' but it's just that I'm not used to the location of items and how a few of the controls work yet - but it's getting easier!)

      Many customers have used this new console with no complaints for a few years now, and love the new features it provides - and many of the legacy console bugs were fixed with Enhanced Console updates. Memory usage is a sign that the caching in the product is working better, which should be improving performance in itself. Are you seeing errors associated to the increased memory usage? If so, have you submitted those to support?

      Having a "make it better" comment is just hard to qualify. If you can help us with some specific pain points, we will be happy to consider those for our roadmap. 

      Looking forward to hearing your specifics!


    • Marv Ferrer

      Here's a couple of issues.

      RAM Issues

      One issue that I'm really frustrated with is the enhanced console's memory management. It's very common for my team to see the RN process consuming 500MB of RAM or higher when nothing is open and the console is just idle. In fact, this was the very first issue we had encountered when we transitioned into the enhanced console. So my guys have no choice but to restart the application a couple of times everyday - sometimes restarting the PC itself, too. 

      RN starts up at about 200MB~ after logging in. At 600MB or higher, anomalies start to occur. Furthermore, any issues encountered at this point cannot be recreated. So, it's very difficult to pinpoint the root cause. 

      When the RAM usage does go down, it does so but not all the way down to the initial 200MB~. And it should, but doesn't :(

      Incident Rich Text Editor Issues

      I need to enable plain text mode only on the thread editor. However, I can't because HTML codes such as "<br />" appear within the chat transcripts. It's been like this since day one of the enhanced console. 

      Also, there's a delay while typing in the editor regardless of thread type - as if text is trying to catch up while typing. I have tried using different machines and it still persists. Other applications such as browsers, Word, text editors, etc. are not experiencing this issue. The text/letters should appear instantaneously as I type - not seconds or milliseconds later.

      I'm currently on March 2016 release. I'm using Windows 7/10 with .NET Framework 4.6.2.


    • Keri

      Hello again, Marv!
      Thank you for the details! These are the types of things we need to receive in our support process - submitting SRs if there are issues is definitely the way to go.

      Quick comments - a larger footprint doesn't necessarily equate to a problem. We still fit within the system requirements outlined. If there are specific cases where this appears to be problematic, or causing a site crash or other failure, definitely let us know! An SR is the right path here.

      Also, the rich-text editor isn't specific to Enhanced Console, but what you mention regarding the delay sounds like the perfect case for an SR, as well as possibly an SR or an Idea Lab post for "I need to enable plain text mode only on the thread editor" - it feels to me there's a specific case that might be overlooked, as I know there is a Plain Text option in the thread editor in an incident.

      We are always trying to move ahead. Thank you for helping us get there.

    • Brian L.
      Keri said:


      Quick comments - a larger footprint doesn't necessarily equate to a problem. We still fit within the system requirements outlined. If there are specific cases where this appears to be problematic, or causing a site crash or other failure, definitely let us know! An SR is the right path here.


      View original

      These memory leaks become problematic when running several consoles at once, which is normally required when testing workspace changes or when doing sandbox testing.

    • Michel Jilderda

      Speed of the enhanced console is a huge issue for us well. 

      We have a couple of customers that do not want to migrate from the standard console to enhanced console because of the performance issues. 

      And the SR's we created some time ago did not offer any good solutions at all. The suggestions from Oracle Support  are:
      - Don't use real-world workspaces but for performance measurement use the standard, vanilla workspaces, which absolutely no customer uses in production.
      - Disable all addins
      - Upgrade all workstations, even though the performance issues also arise on above-spec workstations. 

      Are we the only ones running into these issues?

    • Marv Ferrer

      Keri - I would encourage sending out a survey to all your customers (ask agents NOT their boss) and do a temperature check. No response does not indicate that they are satisfied. I really don't think we're alone on this. Some of your clients may not have complained because of the potential reasons below.

      1) No heavy customization 
      2) Not aware that community exists
      3) Not aware of performance issues
      4) Indifference
      5) Gave up asking for help
      6) Moved on to another product
      7) Has add-ins so legacy console is retained
      8) No time to contact support
      9) No customer survey was sent

      No matter how everyone tries to put a spin on it, the legacy console outperforms the enhanced one. And to be honest, if nothing is done about this at all, I'm gonna be #5 and #6 above.

    • CherylK

      We have only used the Enhanced Console; we are on Feb'16  version and went live with our implementation in October 2016.  The memory issue is very disruptive for us  as well and we have logged a ticket with Oracle about this. We were pointed to one specific report with an add-in that we should fix, and we did.  That did alleviate some of the issue, however we still have a lot of users who need to log out at least three times a day if they want to keep their sanity. Sometimes it's too late and they end up at 900MB and have to force out of the system without saving their work. We've upgraded a lot of users with more memory but still see the memory not getting released when closing out of tabs and that sort of thing.  In the spirit of providing useful feedback, this is probably the number one performance issue that we have and where it starts to chip at the reputation of the product. 

    • Susie

      Hi CherylK,

      Thanks for that update!  Are you continuing to work with our customer care??  We definitely would like to improve issues and if you continue to have a memory issue, that is a defect and we need to solve to improve the agent experience.  Please continue to work with our customer care team (and feel free to escalate the incident to your CSM so they can bring in product management if needed- but we do always first encourage working with our customer care team).

      We do appreciate all the feedback.  Just as something to think about- we are also heavily investing in our Browser User Interface and aiming for that Agent Browser UI to be as fast or faster than the current agent desktop.  We know it is not at feature parity yet for all customers for supporting agents but our goal is that by the end of this year majority of agent facing features will be there.  It may be something that is at least worth investigating if it is a fit for your organization.  This answer provides details on how to request the Browser UI be enabled for your site:

      Thanks again and keep on posting!

      Susie Boyer

      Oracle Service Cloud Product Management