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    Jana K
    Workspace BackupAnswered
    Topic posted February 12, 2018 by Jana KRegular 
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    Workspace Backup


    I need to take backup of around 300 workspaces in Rightnow. Is there any way we can take bulk backup of workspaces in XML format? Currently, I'm seeing that we need to open each workspaces individually and then export it to XML format to take backup. It's going to be time consuming task for me. So I need to take a bulk backup of workspaces.



    Best Answer

    Suresh Thirukoti

    If you have BUI version, I heard there is Element Manager which does this activity...

    Element Manager allows configurable components to be grouped, packaged, migrated, and deployed across Oracle Service Cloud instances in an automated fashion. You can easily migrate configurations from development, to test, and then to production environments.

    In the current release, Element Manager allows the export and import of reports, workspaces, workflows, and dashboards.