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    Outgoing emails reporting
    Idea posted January 30, 2014 by Davide AntoniettiWhiz, tagged Incident Management, Reporting, System Admin and Configuration 
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    Outgoing emails reporting
    User Story / Description:


    as IT man I've been asked to look for reasons some contacts did not receive some responses emails.

    As per Audit log I could see the responses were sent, so I opened an incident to RN CX Support to go deeper.

    Feature needed: reporting tool to get SMTP logs details to check if server i retrying, reason why email was bounced, email sending success...

    Should be a good tool to provide staff accounts info about what happened to response they supposed to send to a contact.

    This is going to be a time saving for RN CX support too.

    Many thanks.





    • Susie

      Have you checked out the "Incident Bounce Emails" report??  It is under Service / Incident Reports / Incident Activity...  Check that out and see if that helps.. 

      Thanks for the post-


    • Davide Antonietti
      Hello Susie,
      I do appreciate your helpful suggestion and right away I used the report for bounced emails.
      We had others issues days ago about responses supposed (no error showed in audit log) to be sent to contacts. For that reason I had to raise an Incident to get more details from RN CX Support. That was the kind of troubles I needed to dig deeper
      Thank you.
    • Davide Antonietti


      see please error I found in Incident Audit Log tab.

      Response was sent with error and I cannot see reason why

      Is there a RNT reporting tool I can run by myself to get more info about this?

      There are no info in bounced emails report.

      Many thanks,