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    The Joan
    Dreamweaver WebDAV Issue
    Topic posted October 12, 2010 by The JoanExpert, last edited October 29, 2011 
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    Dreamweaver WebDAV Issue

    I have Dreamweaver CS4. This May we did an upgrade from August '08 (with the November '07 page set) to February '10. Therefore, we had to go to Customer Portal. I configured the portal in Dreamweaver just fine during the upgrade and haven't had to touch it since.

    We recently discovered that folks using IE8 can't see our search button or our continue button, so I was going to try to change some colors. However, I discovered that Dreamweaver would no longer PUT files. When I try to connect I get the following error message:

    "Cannot display the remote folder: An HTTP WebDAV error occurred. Dreamweaver cannot get a listing for the folder you specified. Make sure you have proper authorization on the server, and the server is properly configured. Make sure the remote folder is available or select a different one by clicking Manage Sites. To try again, click the Refresh button in the Files panel."

    I've been working with RightNow support, but haven't been able to come up with a solution. I have tried deleting my site in Dreamweaver and deleting my the WebDav in my Network Places and then set it up again from scratch. Everything looks correct, but I still can't connect to the server.

    Any ideas?



    • MareE

      I'm a rank beginner, only knowing some html and a tiny bit of css - enough to be dangerous.  However, I will give you a suggestion (it may or may not be what you need, but I'm trying). I am also using DW CS4 but Aug 09 version of RightNow.

      In the Customer Portal documentation (version I use is Aug_09_customer_portal.pdf), there are instructions for setting up "Setting Up WebDAV and Dreamweaver".

      I think your issue may either stem from needing to set the cookie/configure the RN extension (in Dreamweaver: Commands>RightNow>Configure RightNow Extension) OR from your Site Definition setup. (in Dreamweaver: Site>Manage Sites>Edit>Advanced tab - Here you will see that you need to choose 'Local Info', 'Remote Info' and 'Testing Server' sites.  Details are in the documentation.

      I hope this helps.  As I said, I'm a rank beginner, so this might not be what you are asking.

      Good luck!


    • Christopher Tarabochia

      Also, would highly recommend understanding with the general issues with the webdav protocol and our additional findings and recommendations.

      Here is the post: