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    [In Development] Audit log does not provide enough Details
    Idea posted June 7, 2013 by Ronald HilemanWhiz, last edited January 31, 2018 by Vimal ChopraApprentice, tagged Agent Desktop, Reporting, System Admin and Configuration 
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    [In Development] Audit log does not provide enough Details
    User Story / Description:

    We would like to be able to see what field(s) were edited and possibly the before and after values of these fields when an incident is edited.  Currently, we only have the message, "Edit"   and "Edited from : Incident Editor".

    The transactions table only has queue and status information in the attributes.


    We would like to know what field(s) were actually edited/modified.



    • Stephen Pickett

      I second Baxter's requirement, including the need for enhanced audit logging (showing exactly who has viewed what field in records).

    • Brian L.

      Audit log continues to be a major pain point with our implementation. Any type of acknowledgement from Oracle PMs would be appreciated. I see this is Under Consideration now which is good, but many things linger in that state for years.

    • Nicki Mayers

      I would agree that this is required. I was asked by our CEO's office about the system and a notification that was sent to a customer. I could only provide an indication of what 'may' have happened as the audit log did not provide enough detail of what part of the case had been edited.

      Given that this idea was originally posted over 5 years ago, could someone in Oracle provide an update on this?

    • Joe P.

      +1 vote!!!!  A more robust audit log is very much needed. Detailed information is a must.

    • Filipe Estacio

      +1 vote. This is absolutely critical for use who will be working under GDPr and also because we are in a heavily regulated industry which is audited on compliance with processes regularly.

      Can you please provide an update?

    • Vimal Chopra

      Hello everyone,

      Thank you for your continued interest in this idea and your feedback. We have started design discussions on this idea and will be starting dev activities soon.I have marked this idea as [In Development]. 

      Please continue to provide additional feedback on capabilities you would like to see in this feature. We will provide further updates on this idea as we make progress.




    • Laxman Reddy

      I totally Agree with the Idea and it is useful for us to display the old and new updated value in Incident Thread


    • Roni Walker

      Hello Vimal,


      Is there any new status on the design discussion?  Or is there a ticket number for tracking that I can be added as delegate?


      Thanks, Roni

    • eileen neulinger

      The status here indicates "[In Development]".  What is the target release?

    • Stephen Pickett


      Please can I get an urgent update on this - this functionality is critical to a bid with an existing large client new to Oracle which we are assisting your sales team with. We need to know when this will be delivered so that we can set realistic expectations or I fear we will have to bow out as they cannot proceed without this functionality.

    • Vimal Chopra

      Thanks for your continued interest and feedback on this idea. This feature is in development and phase 1 (field level auditing for Contact Object) is targeted for a near release, with additional phases that cover other objects to follow. Stay tuned to release announcements for GA for this capability.