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    Save and Send Option Mail are not Trigerring
    Idea posted June 29, 2018 by Magesh MuthumaniNewbie, tagged System Admin and Configuration 
    Save and Send Option Mail are not Trigerring
    User Story / Description:

    User selected the case closed and draft the response in message tab and click send button. Case Closure mail and response mail both is not triggered to customer. But the case is closed.

    1) Response and closure notification is not sent when response has added while closing case and case saved via send option.
    1. Add response and change the status to closed.
    2. Save the case, it will show the message to send the unsent response.
    3. Send the message, case will be saved with closed status.
    4. Response and closed email is not sent.
    5. But the rules are executed correctly. Attached the screen shot reference.
    3) Normally when closing the case and saved via save option, notification is sent.