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    Ability to upload more than one photo
    Idea posted August 13, 2018 by Amanda CarrollRookie, tagged Field Service 
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    Ability to upload more than one photo
    User Story / Description:

    As a mobility field user, I should be able to upload more than one picture when answering a question that requires photos as part of the answer. 



    • Zsolt

      Hi Amanda,

      You can make theoretically unlimited amount of custom fields in OFSC with the required type. So in your case you can make XA_PICTURE1 and XA_PICTURE2 and so on. After that you can put only XA_PICTURE1 on the screen without any visibility condition, then XA_PICTURE2 visibility condition to show only when XA_PICTURE1 is already filled out and so on. Later you can get field values and media files with Daily Extract functionality, fields will contains the correspondent filename which is necessary to pair activities with the taken photos.


    • Dave Woodford

      Hi Zsolt,

      I have been working with Amanda on this OFSC implementation. We are already doing exactly what you described above. There are 150+ artefact (photo) requirements, most with the option for multiple (10) photos. The first photo is visible and mandatory with all other photos for a specific artefact appearing only when the previous is added and is optional.

      This situation requires the mobility user, for each multiple photo of a specific artefact, to:

      • Touch the "Browse - No file selected" button
      • Find the photo in the gallery (if a File element) or take a photo (if an Image element)
      • Touch Save.

      This may not sound like much but from an end user usability point of view it would make a big difference.


      The original intention of the Idea Lab post was to suggest something like a "Multi-file element" and "Multi-image element" for Properties of type "File". With something like this, users could, just like in iMessages and WhatsApp, select multiple files from the gallery whilst there, or take multiple photo with the camera whilst there, and then come back and carry out any markup, should any be required.

      Controls in the property or in Mobility, like:

      • Max number of files/images.
      • All optional; First mandatory; All mandatory; etc

      would allow for a much more streamlined field execution.



    • Vanessa Barrett

      I would agree with this. We also have mobility users who have requested similar functionality as they find it time consuming in the field to add multiple photos, one-by-one.