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    Ability to format field labels in workspaces and use...
    Idea posted April 10, 2017 by MiaBWhiz, tagged Agent Desktop 
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    Ability to format field labels in workspaces and use workspace rules to set formats
    User Story / Description:

    It would be of great benefit to be able to set formats of fields labels, such as font family, bold, italics, underline, text colour and background colour.  We would be able to use the formats to 'highlight' and 'flag' certain fields of importance within our workspaces, adding another level of visual representation and awareness for our users.   I believe this would increase productivity, as specific fields will be more obvious to the eye.

    If we would be able to couple this with workspace rules (as mentioned in a previous idea), it would eliminate the need for gaudy banner/buttons and images (which are easily ignored) to flag things for attention.  We would be able to use workspace rules to make our workspaces more visually appealing, while being exceptionally practical and simpler for the end user to see the flow on affects of pressing a button, or adding a specific value to a field, as well as any new fields that may now be visible.



    • CherylK

      Using workspace rules to highlight, change label formats, etc would be useful for us as well.

      Example: Customer calls in, agent creates an incident and the Contract Status field shows 'Expired'.  We need that expiration status to be immediately recognized and not overlooked. If we could use workspace rules to modify the text color when status = 'Expired', that would be a desirable feature.