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    Janusz Jasinski
    Adding/Uploading Image to a Question/Answer
    Topic posted February 17, 2017 by Janusz JasinskiSpecialist, last edited February 17, 2017 
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    Adding/Uploading Image to a Question/Answer


    Let's say I am adding a question/answer, is there anyway we could add an image inline (including upload) so it doesn't present itself as an attachment? I want to be on the answer page, be able to upload an image from the WYSIWYG screen and then add it.

    At the moment we're having to dedicate one question to all the images we want to use but obviously this is a hack.




    • Sebastiaan

      Yes, this can be done in the HTML code.
      You would have to link to the picture and it would appear inline

      <img src="url" alt="some_text" style="width:width;height:height;">

      Please see this page for more information

    • Janusz Jasinski

      Yes, I know how to add an image if I already know the URL. Linking the the w3schools site is funny though! 

      My question was around uploading an image when adding an question/answer that won't be shown as an attachment. Kind of how like WordPress works. If we want to make an answer attractive/useful and add pictures, we don't want a list of attachments below. 

      In summary - there's a disappointing lack of 21st century support when adding a question and answer. I want to be able to add media (upload and insert) from one place, out of the box.

      How my answer got a downvote I'll never know. Some pettiness.

    • Sebastiaan

      No, that's not possible.

      I quote from the user doc:

      Copy and paste functionality is not available when inserting images into answers. Therefore, all answer images must be referenced by URL. As a best practice, we advise you to host your files and graphics on your own web servers and link to those files (through a HTTP address) within your answer content. For information about storing images, refer to Answer ID 4161 on our customer support site.

      See also this KB answer

    • Janusz Jasinski

      In 2017 and with the amount paid for the system, this is bitterly disappointing. The KB article doesn't load for me unfortunately but thanks for the other link.

    • Barrilito


      We know by now what the product is capable off and what it cannot, I think it has no use to start a debate on which century we live in or what the possibilities in other tools as wordpress are. I agree and I wish we had it as well, but it's not in it, it's that simple. If there are better tools you are free to use them. There is always the idealab to drop your ideas as well. And as a developer you could develop these kind of features too. But like I said, I agree these things seem to be "normal" to have nowadays, but lets keep the community a place to think in a positive mindset to help each other with the possibilities there are instead of stating the down sides.

      Have a good weekend all!


    • Janusz Jasinski


      "We" covers a lot of people doesn't it? Some that are used to the system and some that are brand new. I'm not starting a debate about which century we live in - that much is clear for even the most short sighted individual. I agree also, it's not in it - that's why I asked if I missed something. Simple.

      A community is a place for discussion around topics such as these. The ideas lab is heavily under-resourced in activity. A discussion, good or bad is is nice for the soul. That's how communities are built - not just positive answer giving replies to get the best reputation you can get.

      I think we can draw a line under the topic here - to carry it on will be pointless

    • Barrilito

      Hi Janusz,

      In this case I meant with "we" the ones in this post. Reading what you are saying in this post clearly states how you miss the feature and that you know it is not in the product, and like I said I agree with you. Perhaps I am a little hasty with my conclusion not to debate on it, if that is the case my apologies for that, I just never see much use in comparing price etc about expectations. I also agree about the price, but hey... my customer pays for it, I just implement the system and try my best to give my customer the best value for it where I am concerned.

      Take care.


    • Janusz Jasinski

      I am the customer in this case - the developer will be leaving us shortly and we're having to learn it all from scratch

    • Danette Beal

      Hi All,

      I just wanted to chime in on this post as there were a few different things discussed. First of all, thank you Janusz for your honest feedback. Not everyone is satisfied all the time and I understand your questions and concerns.

      Concerning the idea lab, we are going through the process of evaluating the idea lab as it is today and understand the best way to approach the idea lab in the future. Although I do not have any firm answers, what I can tell you is I, as well as Product Managers within Oracle Service Cloud, hear you. We understand your concerns with the idea lab. What I would ask all of you is please do not stop adding ideas via this channel. We do read them and evaluate them and your feedback is meaningful to us.

      Being in the software industry for quite a few years now, I can tell you that building a product takes a village and you all are part of that village.

      Janusz, if you have any concerns in particular you would like to run past me, please do not hesitate to reach out via DM.



    • Rajan Davis

      Honestly, this is a difficult problem that does not have a quick nor simple solution. You have to think about where you are storing your assets, how they are supposed to be added into an answer (via HTML code, WYSIWYG, or Markdown), and whether you want to set up the image to be mobile responsive/optimized.

      If I were you, I would focus on trying to find a storage solution; Amazon S3 is pretty easy to set up (there is a learning curve) and they have several SDK's that you can use if you want to build a .NET add in. You could also use Imgur if you do not want to have to set up the permissions/IAM user stuff that Amazon S3 requires.

      If you want something that works today, I would add a browser control into the Answer workspace and point it to Whenever, you would need to upload photos, you could use the browser control right there and use the image URL for the upload. 

      If you want more control over your assets, I would add a basic HTML form that can upload images to some storage solution like S3 or imgur and then use the image URL from the callback. Amazon has documentation here; I found a simple open source project with most of the forms already built for Imgur.

    • Just Rhianna

      As others have said, having an image inline is out of the box functionality in an answer. It is unfortunate that they have not added more functionality to the WYSIWYG editor over the years. A few years ago we created a .Net addin for a customer that allowed them to search a local directory for the image they wanted to use, upload to either CP or another web server and then paste the image tags inline. It also allowed the user to resize similar to word press. I don't see any other solution unfortunately.

    • vivted

      We had some trainers that figured out a workaround - it's not the easiest thing but it works.  They attached the pictures as attachments to an answer where they stored images with no category on it so it would not appear in search results.  Then they would view the picture answer and copy the URL to the image attachment.   Then they would create a link to that image in the new FAQ in the html inline where they wanted it to appear.  So it's not drag and drop and you do have to know how to create an image link in html, but it works.