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    Opening of different Custom Objects records in a Common...Answered
    Topic posted March 9, 2018 by UmerExpert 
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    Opening of different Custom Objects records in a Common Workspace

    I have a requirement which is opening of different Custom objects records in a common workspace. For example:

    Let suppose I have custom objects like CO1, CO2 .. COn. The fields in all the objects will be same only data will be different. 

    Now, let suppose there are reports R1, R2 are created on CO1, CO2 and on double clicking a record in the R1, R2 will open up in workspace W1. 

    I admit this is strange requirement but I am doing this as POC and need experts opinion that can we achieve this with any level of customization/configuration.


    Best Answer

    Suresh Thirukoti

    I see that with your flow, workflows will be it would be better to do this way if you don't mind customization root

    1. Develop Report Add-In

    2. On click of it either in CO1 or CO2, copy values from the respective record of CO1 or CO2 and set it to Contact via API way (SOAP API way looks better)

    3. Then via AddIn method,  EditWorkspaceRecord() open the contact workspace dynamically