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    All Article's visible in the reporting
    Idea posted June 1, 2018 by Chris van EsExpert, tagged Knowledge Advanced, Reporting 
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    All Article's visible in the reporting
    User Story / Description:

    Today the non published article's are not shown in the reporting. 

    We link  to see ALL article's availible in the okcs_answers table so we are able to create report that shown ALL article's and have a filter on published og non published.


    Just like in the KF where private answers are also available in the reporting.




    • Diane Blackman

      That should be available to you.  I don't write the reports so I'm not 100% clear on which table does what but I have a number of OOB reports that include unpublished articles.  One, for example, references these tables.

      Articles Ownership

      AcId: 102544



      Join condition

      OKCS Content Version



      OKCS Content History


      okcs_content_version.content_version_ref = okcs_content_history.content_version_ref

      OKCS Workflow Step


      okcs_content_history.workflow_step_ref = okcs_workflow_step.workflow_step_ref

      OKCS Content Product


      okcs_content_version.content_version_ref = okcs_content_product.content_version_ref



      okcs_content_product.product_id =

      Check \Public Reports\OKCS

    • Chris van Es

      Hi Diane,

      Thanks for the suggestion. I have look more into this and can see that okcs_content_version also show the not published answers. The problem is that there are no links to the users. This is a text field. So if I want to select all my Article I need to search on 'Chris' and can not link to the login account.

      This is available with okcs_answers table which unfortunately only shows the published answers.

      I just looking for an overview of Article related by the login account (My Aticle's) with the Article nr, and summery so the agent can have a total overview of his Article's.


    • Diane Blackman

      If you have the permissions (and the training) you should be able to build your own reports.  For example, we have an Article Ownership report.  This one says "No Product" because the earlier report included the assigned product.  For our use, we didn't need the extra rows.

      This report shows workflow and owner.

      It is a custom report. For custom reporting see

      I'm not sure what kind of owner link you were looking for, but you should be able to see that in this report there is a link to the owner record.

    • Chris van Es

      Hi Diane,

      GREAT! Thanks a lot for the information. I have looked into this report and created on that helps us a lot.

      The Owner is in the report (okcs_content_version.owner) is also the person I was looking for.  I have created an second level so on the first level there are the owners and on the second level the article information as on this okcs_content_version.owner the filter is only by text and no link to the agent table.