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    [Delivered] Hiding Recent items on the Product / Categories...
    Idea posted February 27, 2015 by Jack MawhinneyJourneyer, last edited December 10, 2015 by eleepHero, tagged Agent Desktop, Chat, System Admin and Configuration 
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    [Delivered] Hiding Recent items on the Product / Categories / Dispositions drop down boxes on incidents
    User Story / Description:

    As an admin, I think we should should be able to hide the "recent" items on the Products/Categories/ Dispositions drop down boxes on incidents. It will come in handy so agents can select from the drop down instead of recent items in case they haven't come across the same incident type before.


    • Sara Knetzger

      Hi Jens,

      I have to agree with Ryan, I think that option #6 would work the best for us as well.  So far, I have not heard any of our users say how much they like the recent items list (no offense).  However, it's possible that users who are not saying anything actually do like it and are just not saying anything to me.  So, perhaps a combination of #6 and #7 would be ideal for my group.

      Just my two cents.


    • Michael Corrigan

      Hi Jens,

      I was initially thinking of something along the lines of #7; however, #4 is an interesting option since it is probably only certain fields that users are bothered by.  I think the best for us would be a combination of #4 and #7, i.e. admins specify in the workspace if recent items will be available for a field, but users can override this by specifying in their user settings that they do not want to see any recent items.

      Thanks for all the thought you've put into this!

    • The Joan

      I don't currently see the recent products/categories, but watching the conversation, has anyone asked does anyone really like and/or need this? I haven't seen anyone speak up saying this feature works great for them...

    • Ravi Prabhat


      We still see recent product and dispositions for Feb 15 application...It really bothers agents as dispositions are dependent on products..recent items show it independently...

      Are we going to get the setting soon in any upgrade?

    • J West

      This is a great suggestion. As many of you have already written, the agents at our call centre are also complaining that the Recent (Context Menu) menu option makes their lives more difficult because of the wide variety of items they select on a daily basis. If we could hide this option for certain profiles/users would be a great feature. Personally, I find it useful so I'd like to keep it for myself but be able to remove it on request for others.

    • Jens

      Hello everyone,

      Just want to let you know that I've changed the status of this Idea to "In Development".

      Jens Lundell
      Oracle Service Cloud

    • Sara Knetzger

      YAY!!!  Thank you so much Jens!!!!!!  I'm doing the happy dance at my desk!!yessmiley

    • Jack Mawhinney

      Cracking news! Glad to see an idea of mine is lifting off!


    • Jens

      I would like to let you all know that this feature is Delivered in the November 2015 release of Oracle Service Cloud.

      In order to get this delivered as soon as possible we decided to let agents themselves set this. Based on feedback we have received it also seemed that this was an acceptable solution for most.

      If you go to File->Options->View Options you will see a new check box at the bottom, labeled "Show Recent Items in Fields". If you uncheck that box the recent items will not be shown for search and menu fields. It will not affect the Recent Items navigation section in any way.

      Jens Lundell
      Oracle Service Cloud

    • Sara Knetzger

      Thanks Jens!  This is GREAT news!!!!!!  I am very excited to upgrade our site (unfortunately we won't be able to do that until early Spring)!!  I know that our agents will GREATLY appreciate this new feature. 

      Thanks again for all of your hard work!!!!

    • Marina Akerman

      We just upgraded to this version  on monday and getting a lot of complaint. I would have liked the ability to turn of this feature for a certain field or atleast be able to set a limit on how may recent to show. This is loved by some in some fields were they only select 1 or 2 different types in each incident, but in other fields, in our case categories, it varies a lot and the recent list is starting to get really long and you now need to scroll far down to get to the All list. So option 3 would get my vote togther with a limitation on how many recent it saves. . :)