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    Irfan Habib
    How to deploy a new Add-In?
    Topic posted January 4, 2012 by Irfan HabibRookie, last edited January 11, 2012 
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    How to deploy a new Add-In?

    I've got an extension DLL that works fine on my client PC. I log in to RightNow as a 'Developer' and the DLL resides in the ..\RightNowDev\AddIns\<AddInName>.

    How do I distribute the DLL's to other RightNow clients? I've seen references to MSI packages in the forums and blogs. Do we need to create an install package to copy the DLL into the user's Add-In folder on their local client or can the DLL/ZIP be downloaded and installed directly from the webr?



    • Chris Omland

      You need to upload the .dll to the add-in manager and select the profiles you wish to distribute the add-in to. The add-in manager can be found under 'Configuration'

    • eleep

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    • Irfan Habib


      Thanks for the response. The Add-In has been developed using two .Net DLL's in addition to the <MyAddIn>.dll. Do I simply upload the dependencies as well? 


    • Chris Omland

      Put them all into a zip file and upload the zip file to the add-in manager. The zip file should have the same name as the add-in assembly.