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    [Delivered] Temporary resource assignment
    Idea posted February 23, 2016 by Estefania Diez FernandezExplorer, last edited February 7, 2018 by Mike WierzbowskiSpecialist, tagged Field Service 
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    [Delivered] Temporary resource assignment
    User Story / Description:

    Include a way to manage temporary resource assignments to buckets. Typical use: a tech temporarily moves for a week to another bucket.  Currently to achieve this, it is very laborious, manual process to move the resource to a different bucket.

    It often happens that we need to balance resources temporarily and the current solutions on OFS are either to move it manually between buckets or create a duplicate of that resource on another bucket.  We currently create a duplicate on another bucket, because the assignment is only temporary (usually 1-2 days) and then he goes back to his original work zone.

    This feature request would avoid manual work that can result in human error (e.g. User forgets the duplicate on the secondary region).

    Having this feature would allow a resource to be configured to belong to a bucket only for a limited amount of time and after that time, the system would return him back to his original bucket.Temporary resource assignment



    • Cathy Mikolajek

      Hi, Estefania!

      Thank you for sharing your idea with the Idea Lab!

      We are currently working on future roadmap items to help address this business problem. I will update this thread as new information becomes available.

      Thanks for your feedback.


      Oracle Field Service Cloud Product Management Team

    • Roy

      I agree with this idea from Estefania.

      We have only just implemented OFSC and have a very mobile work force where up to 100 technicians can be working in different areas across the country on any given day.

      While some are regular runs that can be set up via work zone assignments, many are demand based adjustments.

      Even if it is a regular run that is set up, one of the difficulties for our dispatchers is not seeing the technician resource in the right part of the tree for the day. As the resource remains in their home bucket in the tree, it appears to a dispatcher there is additional support for any manual escalations on the day in that area, but then they get a work zone miss match if trying to re-assign work.

    • Katherine Lorino

      Totally agree with Estefania and Roy!  Trying to manage resources when they may have to be in different buckets on different days is a major pain point.  We have a work force that routinely will have to be relocated to a different part of the country due to fluctuations in customer demand.  Having the ability to have them auto assigned to a bucket for a specified period of time and then auto assigned back to their native bucket at the end of the time would be major, allowing work to book into their native bucket without creating a 'dummy' resource for a booking engine.

    • Jenni Gill


      Has there been any progress with developing this idea as ur business has the same issues? We are currently managing 80+ dummy resources which is very manual  and prone to human error.


    • Mike Wierzbowski


      In addition to existing features like Temporary Work Zones we have added features over the last few releases to support the management of Temporary Resources including:


      Oracle Field Service Cloud Product Management Team

    • Roy

      Unfortunately none of the recent updates do anything to relieve the problems of a mobile workforce when using OFSC.
      Looking at the next set of release notes, it does not change that either.

      Whilst the application provides many advantages in numerous areas, it is not well suited to capacity planning for business models that require a large number of areas that require infrequent technician visit cycles. In the real world of fulfilling customer orders, technicians can and do work in different capacity locations on different days. One should be able to over-ride their tree location in a similar manner as one can over-ride their calendar, skill sets, or work zones for any given day. The resource should then appear in the tree, in the over-ride location for the date selected, with calendars and resulting capacity / quota following them too. Let's not mention what their locations data does on those days if you have enabled travel time calculations to the first job and they are working a great distance from home on a road trip.

      Routing outside the parent bucket sounds good in theory, but does not help in practice. The resource still resides in the tree of their parent location, so agents managing exceptions on the day cannot see where they really are working at a glance. The resource calendar capacity still flows up to the parent area, so again, creates major issues with managing supply across the multiple areas. Even if capacity did flow to the right area, the overhead of managing work zone over-ride assignments at the technician level is horrendous, we avoid it at all costs at any level due to the time and high level of risk it introduces, not to mention the nightmare produced if the planned technician calls in sick and we have to allocate somebody else!

      I feel jealous of Jenni Gill with 80+ dummies to manage, we have 300+ (and that is after minimising them to the bare bones we can exist with), and each of those also adds to our licence costs, even though not a single dummy user account is ever accessed as work is passed to the real users resource the evening before, dummy technicians are just place holders to try and simplify managing quota supply, with each requiring a unique user licence to exist in the tree.

    • Stewart Logan

      Check out this link

      We have the same challenge and this may be a solution for both our problems.