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    Quick Search field - make three dot button advanced search...
    Idea posted August 30, 2018 by Colin McWilliamsJourneyer, tagged Agent Browser UI 
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    Quick Search field - make three dot button advanced search button easier to use
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    Feedback from a long-time Service Cloud client: 

    The search field has a very small mouse over area for activating the three dots for advanced search.  We suggest replacing this with a static link outside, that would be much easier to click on, since 95% of time agents would be using this.



    • Christian Linke

      Yes please. A static button would also help users on tablet devices – currently they need to tap twice – once into the Quick search box for the dots to appear and again to tap the dots to make the search filters appear.

    • Wouter Willemse

      Agree, it's very poor UI as it is, hard to discover its functionality.