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    [Delivered] HTML formatting within agent responses
    Idea posted June 23, 2009 by KyleLegend, last edited August 20, 2013 by Camille ChristophersonSpecialist, tagged Agent Desktop, System Admin and Configuration 
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    [Delivered] HTML formatting within agent responses
    User Story / Description:

    Does anyone see the benefit for giving the agent the ability to send a reply back to the contact with HTML formatting instead of plain text? Personally I'd like to use bold, italics, bulleted/numbered lists, and other types of formatting commonly found in an email client. I would even go one step further and allow for inline images to be dropped in, much like the functionality here within the Lithium forum.


    • MikeP


         I definitely see the advantage of being able to format a respose and drop in a screen shot.

    • Sophistical
      I'm with you on this one!
    • Cor
      Also needed to make HTML code from inserted answers readable for the agent.
    • DaveF
      Thanks for the input so far. can you elaborate on the other elements that would be desirable? Would this editor need to support HTML 4/5 in their entirety or is text formatting and image embed the extent of your requirements?
    • MikeP


        I am looking for text formatting:

        * Bulleted/Numbered lists

        * Italics

        * Bold

        * etc


      Without a WYSIWIG editor these would not be used.


      For the embeds.  It would have to include the ability to store the images server side easily.

    • Dietrik

      I don't like (heavily) formatted email. It's something from the pre spam days. Lots of email clients block formatting in some way or another. Besides, i don't like agents messing up the email layout. If i want to send an image i just attach it.


      I also like the removal of the html formatting on incoming mail and relies, it keeps the threads clean. If you start sending html, you'd also need to receive it.


      What i like to see it a html filter on inserted answer text. As it is at the moment, including links is the only serious option.

    • Danny
      I'm all for flexibility; but there also has to be an option to send in plain text format. We have a lot of users on campus still using text-based (no HTML) email clients - including Pine on Unix. We can't disenfranchise those users by sending all responses in HTML format.
    • JLFolkman
      Having the ability to bold, number etc. would be very useful when sending a response to customers to help explain and emphasize the steps that need to be completd to resolve the issue. Also adding screenshots within the response would be great so that agents would not need to create another document and then attach. This way they create the entire response within the response in RNT.
    • mschoonmaker
      Inline images are a neccessity. It's a PITA to put an image into a file then attach the image as an attachment.
    • chris77
      Good comments from DS. I like the idea of HTML formatting for emails but it needs to be configurable at both system and incident level. That way the business can decide the overall default approach (preferring plain text or html) however users can make the decision to flick to html when needed for including images, formatted text, bullet lists and the rest.

      Something along the lines of the forum html thread post would suit me, functional but not overkill with fonts on offer etc!

    • Kyle
      Haven't checked if this is already in a recent release but while we're overhauling the HTML editor it would be great if links weren't disabled in the answer preview. Never understood the rationale for that one.
    • Kristie

      I have already received feedback from the business users at my company that this is a capability that they would expect to have. I would love to see this added.


      Kristie Nelson

    • dklugcit
      This seems like a pretty basic funtion that I was surprise was unavailable with RightNow.  We moved to RightNow from a Seimans product that was inferior in almost every other way to RightNow, but was way better on text formating capabilities. 
    • Kyle

      dklugcit wrote:
      This seems like a pretty basic funtion that I was surprise was unavailable with RightNow.  We moved to RightNow from a Seimans product that was inferior in almost every other way to RightNow, but was way better on text formating capabilities.

      And other CRM vendors know about it as well. A competitor to RightNow is trying to make headway into our organziation and they're specifically targeting the weakness areas of the solution. I sat in on a demo earlier this year and guess what feature they mentioned that was available in their system but isn't in RightNow.  whistling.gif

    • remco
      My biggest concern is to provide agents with an html view of the answers like Cor sais. At the moment this is a complete mess.